If you want to improve your odds of entrepreneurial success, one of themost beneficial actions you can take is to become more self-aware.

Entrepreneurs who are self-aware tend to build stronger companies and have morededicated team members who respect their role as a leader. If you are anentrepreneur who wants to become a better leader through self-awareness,remember the following tips. •   Entrepreneurs who learn to analyze their motivations can becomemore self-aware and transfer their new-found knowledge to their team leadershipendeavors. When you learn to question your own motives, you begin to seepatterns in the habits of others. Knowing what motivates members of your teamhelps you understand which leadership methods will work best to increaseoutput.

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•   Understanding why you made a mistake is just as important aslearning not to make the same mistake again. When you make a habit ofdissecting the actions that caused you to make a mistake, you become moreself-aware as to your decision-making triggers. Analyzing your ownmistake-making behaviors helps you offer advice to others on your team whomight be in danger of making the same mistakes you have already learned from.

The ability to advise from the perspective of someone who has “been there,done that” helps your team members know you are on their side. •   Entrepreneurs who take responsibility for their actions show theiremployees the power of self-awareness. An employee who knows their boss isstrong enough to admit their mistakes can learn from a boss who leads byexample.

Owning your mistakes might be difficult at first, but the long-terminfluence your actions will have on your team makes swallowing your pride worththe efforts. Choosing to build a culture of ongoing learning and team self-awarenessis an investment that will pay dividends far into the future. Instead offocusing your team’s efforts on beating your competitors, learn to steer yourteam in the direction of “how can we become better as a team today?”type of thinking. Teams that aren’t consumed with outperforming theircompetitors but instead focus on a team-growth philosophy of “a risingtide lifts all boats” often naturally beat their competitors simply becausethe internal team dynamic is so strong.

  When you make the decision to work on yourself, your willingness tobecome self-aware can attract the admiration of those in your employ. Make aneffort to analyze your behaviors consistently and learn lessons from youranalysis, and you’ll be amazed at how your self-awareness transfers to yourteam.