If you are stuck with your years old headset and wanted to figure out what you should do then you’ve come to the right place. Modern era revolutionized almost everything eyes can see. Everything has been upgraded from better to good to best, so as headsets. Whether a call or any multi-media purposes, headsets are now not only considered for entertainment purpose but also for hearing purpose. The new features and sleek designs always work in impressing the buyer. But if your headset is way too embarrassing to be carried out you must know certain thing.

  Headphones can be embarrassing in several ways; style or performance wise. The headsets’ companies improved and enhanced the qualities and design of the headsets from time to time. And this article will guide you how and what type of headset you can get for yourself Styles:The primary styles of Bluetooth headsets are of two types. 1. Professional Headsets:The model that gives an amazing all-rounding performance, it comes with a superior quality elongated stalk as microphone whose length can be extended as desired and it also has other capabilities of functionality.2. Compact Headsets:Compact headsets are comparatively small than professional headsets both the earpiece and microphone are in a single section, they are to be wore on the top of the ears. They come in a rectangle-type shape which is hung on the top of the ear and ends on the cheeks.

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Headsets are to be chosen for personal use, it is important that they must be comfortable and stylish. Like different ear tip size and hooks as per the need of the owner. Headsets often come with different ear tips to wear. If you do not want to wear headset in your ear you can choose over the ear model for your ease. Water resistant feature can be a big life saver so choose the one with it because with that no need to worry about the getting headset into the pool.

They are sweat-resistant as well.Sound quality:1. Mono sound headsets: They are the type of headset which is consist of a single earpiece which mean that only one ear can be entertained with this headset. Their basic function of this headset works on a rate of average however they are widely avoided by those who prefer multi-media and entertainment. 2. Stereo and HD sound headsets:The stereo headsets are those headsets that provide ultra sound quality and are light on pocket. If you are looking for a multi-media and calling purpose these headsets are the most preferable.

And if you want best then HD sound should be on your top list.The basic quality of a headset can be judged by its call quality, the headsets are used for calling purpose more often and the quality depends on both side of the call. Headset microphone has that technology which cancels excess noise and conveys crystal-clear sound to the listener which can reach the level of 150 Hertz to 6800 Hertz.Microphones:For cancelling excess noise a headset must have minimum two microphones.

One microphone is to detect the excess noise in the background, while the second microphone would do favor in speaking. Some headset models contain three microphones, which can reduce the excess background noise better than the two microphones’ headset.Bluetooth Pairing:Another thing that must be considered is the Bluetooth pairing feature which is an obviously fundamental feature in Bluetooth headsets. Some models with multi-pairing option allow you to pair or connect their headsets to one or more Bluetooth devices. NFC is also a very functional technology because it enables the users to connect with a Bluetooth-enabled device without having ingress background menus or other chores.

Some headsets also allow you to pair two or more Bluetooth devices. Headsets have the best wireless Bluetooth range as it varies from model to model. They can work at the range of up to three hundred to four fifty feet from the base level.  Battery life:Considering battery life is somewhat the most important and fundamental part of buying a headset. All the features are useless if the battery timings are not appropriate.

One must keep in mind that battery should be long lasting and charging time should be no more than one to two hours. The headphones you are considering must have a chargeable battery with long battery timings. Voice Command:Some headsets make life easier by their feature in which connect the calls by dual means whether from the desk or from your phone.  And not only that you can also handle your call easily on your phone or your headset or by touch pad or from your personal computer’s call manager. You can also handle your call by keyboard shortcuts. Headsets are a multi-tasking accessory which can handle you all plans and meeting or your calls by a single touch. The headset which usually comes up with the touch screen base is more easy and handy to use with the SMARTSETUP wizard.

  You must get what is your requirement and range and what options are available when are about to buy a Bluetooth headset. Consider the headset with the best type of sound and its quality should be no less then high definition, you should also consider that how much comfortable it is, style should not be neglected meanwhile its Bluetooth range, and the battery life is an essential thing to look prior to getting your hands on any pair of headset. You should also consider other features that can be an important feature as well like mono or stereo sound, noise cancellation technology, multi-Bluetooth pairing and how it works on your one command or one-touch. Easily handled, sleek and stylish models are always the center of attention of headphones buyers. So above is a handy guide on how to choose a new headset and get rid of the ancient pair of embarrassing headsets as soon as possible.