I am applying to the phd in Computer Science at the Portland State University. In the midst of the technological and computing revolution , my aspiration and aptitude convinced me to take up a career in research in Computer Science. My strong aspiration is to be become a professor.My favorite courses of interests include machine learning, software engineering, computer graphics , algorithm analysis and robotics.My own sphere of special interest in the field of Computer Science is machine learning and artificial intelligence.I am an undergraduate  Computer Science Student with minor in robotics.After witnessing the expansion of Computer Science,I was fascinated by the way computer has developed the people lives with effective technological advances and innovations.

My aspiration has nurtured to contribute my efforts to develop and make the positive changes in my field.Being an undergraduate student of Computer Science minoring in robotics, I have taken almost all the related courses of Computer Science and robotics in the department of Computer Science and Mathematics at South Carolina State University. This has helped me to develop the solid knowledge and base to pursue my graduate school in computer Science.I have the strong depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence,Algorithm analysis,Introduction of Robotics,Biocomputing and Bioinformatics, and others. Furthermore, my knowledge of design and analysis of algorithm, data structure, organization of programming, data structure, and courses of mathematics like linear algebra, discrete mathematics, statistics, and logic, sets and proof has been very intact.Being one of the top students in the department in the undergraduate level, I have constructed a solid base of Computer Science research methodology as well as mathematical training.Experience that has prepared me for the phd in computer Science is my time as an undergraduate teaching assistant for six semesters.

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It gave me great opportunity to help and work with the people of different backgrounds.I was teaching assistant of Assistant Professor Dr. Jean Michelet at first.

Then I worked with Mr. Sam McDonald in the department of Computer Science and Mathematics.I prepared the study material for class, presented the material in the class, prepared and conducted the quiz. I also helped them grading and uploading the grade into the system.I have been helping student with preparing for Praxis.I have been holding the office hours and helping student with computer science and mathematics classes.It has been important to develop my public speaking , communication skills, and confidence.This has also  improved my leadership skills and knowledge in the lab experience and computer science courses.

My projects has enhanced my learning  and understanding of Programming especially in the industry.I worked for Dr. Young Kim of the department of Computer Science as a member of a team to develop the web application that was useful to deliver the liquor product to home through the online or telephone order with different delivery method which can be expedited. As a member of a team I worked hard in the lab full of challenges. To lead the team and guide the members, I taught myself the concepts of Java programming, GUI concepts, Mysql, JDBC, and other important tools using books and other online resources. The experience was overwhelming and the result was rewarding.With the experience I gained, at the beginning of new semester I could develop the programs on my own instruction.

Working in the valuable experience, It was different from  things that learned in the projects, I worked in the robotics lab where we worked both in team and individually instructed and guided by Professor Dr. Stevo Bozinovski where I learnt about the artificial intelligence, robotics, biocomputing and bioinformatics, and Neuroinformatics and Brain-Computer Interface.I learned about the focus that should be on realistic factors such as maintainable code, professor and user needs.During  the experience, I became fascinated by the computer vision and machine learning when I figured out how robot performs the task on the basis of our codes based on the recognition of human hand gesture. I decided to consider a career in the relevant topics after gaining a deeper understanding of how they made our life efficient. Some of the examples i find inspiring are facebook’s friend tagging suggestions, google ranking and others. I also recognized the indispensability  of an advanced degree to be computer scientist and professor, especially in the rapidly evolving computer Science field.

My undergraduate studies in both  Computer Science and robotics have provided me  the concrete background in computer science. During my graduate school days, I am looking forward  to tackling advanced knowledge  about machine learning.Similarly, I have also participated in two major events of Cyber security Competition including Palmetto Cyberdefense Competition and South East Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. I have  also participated in various hackathons and seminar programs during my undergraduate level of study.At the same time,I intend to find the research and internships with hands-on experiences to apply theoretical knowledge into practice.My career goal is to be professor via my teaching experiences, I am sure that I am enthusiastic  to pass down the knowledge and excite generation of students that will share my passion for this field.The Portland State University entices me with the comprehensiveness in computer science. Though my interests seems versatile my lifetime objective is quite definite.

I am open to variety of research. There are several professors at Portland State University whose projects are specially appealing to me. Professors are Melanie Mitchell, Sergio Antony,Andrew P. Black, Wu Chang-Feng .Studying some of these professors classes and for my research and reading projects websites have given me sense that phd in  Portland state university is great match of my interest.