I have completed a 3 year course in commerce from one of the mostreputed institution in India which is Bundelkhand University in Jhansi, topursue a career in field of Finance which always fascinated me to achieve mygoals and render my contributions to this society, I aspire to employ my knowledge,to do Masters in Finance.

I believe, this program would help me to acquire adeep understanding of financial theory and modus operandi of financial marketand modern finance. For this purpose, my research area under this program wouldbe corporate finance and financial analysis since it plays a significant rolein present day finance, thus the area is of prime importance to obtainexperience in real time application of techniques along with comprehensiveunderstanding of the subject.Today I recognizethat my life has been a continuous process of conscious evolution. An importantpart of this gradual growth has been the value system imbibed in me by myparents, teachers, mentors and brothers. I was born in a family whichemphasizes on achieving excellence in the field of education. My father is aproud retired army man who served my country throughout his life while both mysiblings are academically brilliant and qualified Engineers achieving greatheights in their respective careers.

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I always thought that Business and Financego hand in hand and they resides in roots of many institutions, this thoughtled me select commerce for my Bachelor’s degree which opened many possibilitiesand challenges for my career. During the span of my graduation I was introducedto various challenging and interesting concepts mainly Financial Management,Economics, Accounting and Business Statistics. My liking towards these subjectswas instant and gradual. As part of the course I gone through numerous topicsof these vital subjects and to be honest with every new topic my liking towardsthese subject become more and more firm. With the recent and continuous boom inthis field made me believe that a postgraduate study will provide a milestonein my career along with invaluable experiences will allow me to become asuccessful and innovative professional. In a span of ten years from now, Ivisualize myself as a full-fledged research professional in an organization, ora faculty member at some leading university.I do believe thatsharing knowledge among people should sharpen ones knowledge to a great extent.

So I joined Incite softwares as associate SAP financial consultant where Ishared my SAP knowledge and gained valuable experience in leading and contributing toprojects implementing technology transition and cutting edge methodologies toenhance end-user productivity. Afterwards I joined Accenture Services Pvt Ltd and worked for 4consecutive years as senior software engineer for SAP finance department of thecompany where my SAP financial skills put to test and my interest in thefinance subject grew. During my tenure I successfully managed one of thecritical client known as Siemens Industries and Infrastructure which gave me anopportunity to hone my techno functional, leadership, communication andorganizational skills. Currently I am working with DXC Technology (formerlyknown as Hewlett Packard Enterprise) as specialist, As specialist I am keepsharing and guiding my junior subordinates also contributing to other projectsas and when required it further nurture my skills in the field of SAP finance.After workingfor this many years my desire to gain knowledge and further sharpen my skillsin the field of Finance is motivating me to do a full time Master Degree inFinance, for that I believe Mastersin Finance from Finland would be a huge value addition to my decision. My younger brother who is settled in Finland hastold me about the brilliant academic structure in Finland. I furthered thisknowledge by doing my personal research regarding this and find out that theacademic environment for Research and Development in Finland is one of the bestin the world.

Furthermore the interaction Finnish Universities provide betweencorporate houses and institutes makes them one of the prime targets for theperson who wants to achieve high in career. Studying from your PioneeringInstitute which is one of the best in Europe will hone my skills in the fieldof Finance that is due to your excellent academic curriculum which will lend meopportunity to excel in my career. . My decision topursue post graduate studies in the Finland from one of the top FinnishUniversity is underscored by the pioneering works which are undergoing in theFinance Department of your prestigious University.

It will perfectly match withmy field of interest. And under the aspiring guidance of distinguished facultyin your institute I shall be able to exploit my potential to the fullest.Besides the college academics, I must mention that I have alsonurtured all my other skills and talents as I wasactively involved in the extra-curricular activities. The driving force forthat was my aim to develop all the facets of my personality.

Activities likethese always let me connected to the creative side of me and help to rejuvenateenergy level of mine. I could not achieve the grades I wanted to, in the firsttwo years, but soon by judicious allocation of time and energy I was able toget the desired results. My passion for sports kept me involved atvaried sporting events. For instance, I am a realCricket fan which means that I pretty much enjoy playing and watching it. Ialways try to find some time to go out and play such a wonderful game with myfriends and colleagues.

In addition I also like such kinds of sports whichcan upgrade strength, stamina, reaction and flexibility. This is why list ofsports I love to play is a long one that includes football, table tennis andswimming. Finally, I cannot forget that listening to music is another passionof mine. I am confident that in your esteemed University I can execute my handsenthusiastically in such varied areas.

Being a hard worker and challenge lovingperson I am fully aware that pursuance of perfection would involve rigorouswork during my post-graduation. I am confident that myaspirations, value system and perseverance along with the degree from youresteemed university will broaden my horizons and give me an opportunity to gainworld class education and help me become an excellent world citizen.I thereforewould will feel highly obliged to be able to secure admission in your prestigiousuniversity to pursue my master’s program. I am sure that I will match all thecredentials and will be able to maintain high standards at your university.