Human rights are endorsed with right to food and freedom from hunger. More than two-third of population is slave and faced the problem of hunger, poverty etc. As food is first-and foremost a commodity which traded annually for million of dollars but still there is lack of proper food to each every individual. Right to clean environment is one right of individual.

The first logical connecting point for an assessment that environment should serve human needs. The right to clean environment should serve human needs. The right be clean environment consist not only of claims by individual against an entity to refrain from some dangerous activities but also claim an entity to act in specific way, such to provide adequate quality of life such as clean air, fresh water etc. United Nation Environmental Programme and Stockholm Declaration declares that Man has fundamental right to freedom, equality and adequate condition of life in an environment of quality that permit life of dignity and well being UN Universal Declaration of human rights and of European convention on Human right have concern with ecology and UN international covenant on social, economic and cultural rights refer article (12) to environment hygiene. Many conferences and seminars were held to make protection of right of food and right of environment and other human rights as given by constitutional law. Such conferences, relying on widely accepted standard of human rights assess human rights progress from country to country while it is true that no country is technically is bound by international human rights instrument until it has acceded to the instrument.

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In International discussion no state can not escape scrutiny regarding it adherence to international human rights norms. In United Nations, human right is promoted as the basis of judging the government.