According to Indian Education Commission:The most important change needed in education is to transform it to relate it to the life, requirements and aspirations of the people, with the help of which education can be used as an important and powerful tool of social, economic and cultural transformations. Such kinds of transformations are necessary for realization or fulfillment of national goals. Health, worthy use of leisure, citizenship, ethical character, worthy home membership, command of fundamental processes and vocation are considered to be the major objectives of education by American Commission on the Reorganization of Education, which was being set up in the year 1918. From the above discussion it can be said that objectives of the education are related to different aspects of man’s life. It is because of the reason that education is meant for the human beings.

Education has various broad objectives, which can be fulfilled or can be achieved with the help of certain policies and these policies should be used very cautiously and safely.

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