“Computers are transforming society. Time is collapsing. Distance is no longer an obstacle. Crossing oceans takes only a mouse click”. This is the phrase of sentences I heard somewhere about computers. Virtually, computers which pressure most people’s life are considered as the most important technological achievement of the XXI century. Using computers, we can make or solve most of difficult things which are hardly completed without their hands.

Because of these different varieties of abilities, computers have been creating many noticeable achievements in most of societies’ fields especially medicine, education, and usual life. In other words, these three fields also are computers’ influences that I want to write in this essay today.Firstly, there is a nonnegotiable point here that health services and art of medicine have been changed absolutely by computers in recent decades. Computers totally are able share the physician’s heavy duty which is save human’s life. In deed, since computers have been invented, new technological treatments that cooperate with computers have cured a thousand of patients.

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Eventually, there is nothing is more happy than come to life again. Formerly, once a doctor wanted to diagnose their patients, he or she mainly used to apply their experiences. Unfortunately, this process is doubted sometimes. And now, computers and other accessory machines are able to diagnose accurately with less time. In addition, computers have the other excellent benefit which is the ability in analyzing gene. Now scientists have more conditions to examine organic structures or to invent many new medicines, modern effective treatments which are very useful by using these gene technologies. Undoubtedly, the medicine’s current promotions closely connect with the development of computers. Therefore, we can agree unanimously that computers greatly influence our existent medicine.

Furthermore, “Crossing oceans takes only a mouse click”- with computers, we no longer remain the conception about spatial distance. Actually the greatest advantage of computers is reducing distance and connecting people together. By this or other ways, computers thoroughly support and push up our education.

Nowadays, students certainly stay at home but still can study for his or her bachelor degree. This actually seems to be impossible few decades ago. Those students just need to equip themselves with a computer connected internet at home only. This perfect utility is determined as computers’ greatest success for humankind. For example, one student, a handicap person, who has his or her health’s problems, completely feels uncomfortable to go to school. Consequently, he or she can use study online programs as their best solution. Additionally, computers supply a lot of software which directly support to both teaching and learning.

Today, with those specially designed software in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, students easily describe experiments and calculate complex equations which will be very difficult to solve before. As a result, what we receive today is instructors feel more convenient to teach, learners also feel more interested to understand lessons. The quality of the education was rapidly improved with computers’ contributions. Eventually, computers come into every family and effectively influence our usual life. Families can use computers to talk to each other through email or other services of internet. Daily, I, many other international friends can use email to keep in touch with our families, and we realize that computers are very significant. Since, computers appear in our life, they are not only tools for working, studying but also entertainment. Now, we definitely listen to MP3 music with a hundred of beautiful songs, watch DVD films with digital standard or use drawing programs to create realistic images and animated displays much more easily than do them with traditional machines.

Obviously, our standard life rapidly improves with computers’ appearance. Thus, if there is a technological achievement of the XXI century which most influence people’s life, that are computers.