Have you ever wondered is social media good for us? Well I’ll tell you social media is good. Let me tell you why. I think social media is good for kids.They help people feel better about themselvesIt helps keep people connected.It helps people get information For starters, people think social media is so bad because it addictive. Well, they are right about that.

It helps people because let’s say if they post something on facebook and they get hurt, People will try to cheer them up. What this means is they won’t be hurting as much because people tried to take care of them which means second, If you are sad you can join groups so people can cheer you up and you can see that people have more worse case scenario than you.second, what this means is people can help you fix your problem and maybe you can help them people like them.

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To start, social media helps you stay connected to your friends and family. First, an example of my life, “My parents got divorced and my dad got another wife later. She had four kids and their dad lived in Mississippi.

So, the kids moved there and my step mom missed them so we moved to Mississippi too. I moved back to Pennsylvania were I was born and raised.” Now I can’t see my dad but with social media I can text and facetime him so I can see him. That is why I think it keeps people connected.:second of all, I think it’s good because, “What if you don’t have many friends you can just go on to like facebook and you could look at someones page and you want to be friends with that person you can just ask and they just might say yes to be friends with you so then you have new friends” what that means is she or he has more friends and she or he isn’t as lonely anymore :you can talk to people all around the world even in like china or africa.

You can seriously call anybody even the president you can call people from anywhere even if you don’t know them if you just want a friend first, say your at work and you need t know something that you dont know right off the top of your head you can look it up to find you answer to your question what that means is you dont have to know something right off the top of your head you can just look it upsecond lets say your at school and you have a question that no one knows you can just look it up and find your answer to the question what that means is not all kids know everything so they have to look it up.:let’s say you work at an office you need social media to do your job like transferring a call to someone else or even looking up something that a customer asks what this means is you need social media for almost everything that is why i think social media is good i hope you changed your mind and now think it is good to it helps people feel better about themselvesit helps keep people connected it helps people get informationSomething to think about is that even tho social media is addicting it still helps people learn new things