“Happinessis the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”I’vealways had a fetish for pursuing knowledge and this belief has been thecompelling force behind all my triumphs. I, Rushali Saxena, am currently pursuing my Mastersat Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University with a specialization in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Itwas during this program, I realized aninnate desire in me to pursue Ph.D.

inthis field with an emphasis on Particulate Processes and Product Design, andModelling, Control, and Optimisation ofPharmaceutical Manufacturing.Mydecision to pursue graduate study blends alike with my ulterior goal of takingup a research-oriented career in thefield of Pharmaceuticals. I want to be a factor of innovation in this fieldwhich is envisaging a better future for one and all. To do this, I need to adaptmyself to the requisite knowledge whichonly a graduate programme can endow. I hope in future to design an influentialtechnology which will add value to human life.

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Myalma mater played an important role in shaping my unique personality. The rootsof my exemplary education lie in St.Dominic’s Senior Secondary School. I scored an aggregate point of 10 in my high schoolexamination and this filled me with more confidence and predilection foracademics. I secured 94.8% in the seniorsecondary examination with majors in science. The faculty here alwaysmotivated me to seek higher education.

Thenext milestone in my academic career was my Bachelors at National Institute ofTechnology, Jaipur; one of the most esteemed and sought-after institutions in India. Being in the top 1% of the 1.6 millionstudents who took the Joint Entrance Examination, I was successful in acquiringa seat for myself here. I believethat the most significant job as an undergraduate was to place a firm keystonein terms of the rudimentary knowledge and experimental techniques so that moreadvanced studies could ensue.

My four-year undergraduatestudies in chemical engineering involved participation in numerous fests andworkshops as well as training in one of the most reputed upstream industry ofthe country, ONGC, where I learned about the exploration of oil and gas;lectures from professors. Internship at National chemical Laboratory alsoprovided with a robust base for progress in the chemical engineering field.During this four year tenure, I have been given exposure to various courseslike Transport phenomenon, Heat transfer, ChemicalKinetics and Reaction Engineering, and much more which revealed limitless horizons inthe field of chemical engineering. BioprocessEngineering in the last semester introduced me to Biochemistry and variousother core concepts of pharmaceutical studies. I was very much intrigued by the role of Pharmaceutical sciences in ourdaily life and decided to further hone my skills in the field by pursuinggraduate studies.Idecided to pursue my Masters from Purdue University, one of the most esteemed institutions inthe United States and home to top-notch research in the field of chemical engineering. The noted faculty brewed with world-class research facilities, pleasantuniversity environ and a balanced academic programme were the factors whichmotivated me to apply to Purdue Universitywhere I was able to experience my knowledge with the opportunity of gettingexposure to latest developments taking place and that helped me mold my career in a great way.

 During my Masters, I took several courses likePhysical and Chemical Principles of Pharmaceuticals, Powder Processing,Crystallisation Systems Engineering, Aspen Chromatography, related toPharmaceutical Science which helped me in acquiring a firm footing in thefield. These courses were taught by highly qualified and competent faculty ofthe department and have provided the commendable groundwork for my advancedstudy. After securing a grade point of 3.83 on a scale of 4.00, I realized thecaliber in me to excel in this field and thus decided to pursue my Ph.

D. tolearn advancements in this field.Being a Boilermaker, I respect the traditions at Purdue andat Davidson School of Chemical Engineering.

I can easily identify the programof my choice. The department, in fact, offers advanced research training in thearea of pharmaceuticals. I can accommodate my research interests with thefaculty members of the department.

Prof. Gintaras Reklaitis’  research interest in computing ofpharmaceutical processes and application of batch and semi-batch processes inpharmaceutical industry interests me a lot. Prof. Zoltan Nagy’s research in thearea of product design and process optimisation in pharmaceutical industry alsointrigues me a lot. I am confident of making an original contribution to thefield with my hard work and determination. I know that Purdue University is theshortest and most effective way to bridge the gap between me and my goals. With this desire and pledge, I forward my application for thePh.

D. program at Davidson School of Chemical Engineering.