Hannah GlosterMs. WrayEnglish 10January 21, 2018English 10 Take Home Final The poem “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron (George Gordon) initially drew me in by the title, I thought the title was pretty and it sounded interesting. Once I read the poem, I really admired the poet’s word choice and rhyme scheme. I enjoyed that the language used wasn’t all words I knew, some of them I had to look up online which added to my interest in the poem. The language and sentence structure isn’t incredibly difficult but when it comes together it works to create something more complex.

The rhyme scheme in the poem is nice, it’s an ABAB rhyme scheme which makes it easier to read and made it easier to memorize. I thought this poem had a certain mysterious aspect that I found interesting, the meaning of the poem isn’t very obvious and it leaves the interpretation up to the reader, which I like. It allows me to think about the meaning and maybe interpret it differently than someone else. Overall, I think this poem is describing the aspects of a certain mysterious woman. In many parts of the poem, perplexing language is used to describe the woman, which adds to the curious depiction of her.

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The speaker states “And all that’s best of dark and bright/ Meet in her aspect and her eyes;” (3-4), I think this shows how this cryptic woman being portrayed has two sides, bright and dark. She is being characterized by having both dark and bright in her eyes, being painted as having both dark and bright qualities. The woman, in my opinion, has a certain quality about her that makes her seem pure and innocent, but other qualities that are described make her seem darker.  The poem ends by describing her as innocent, which makes me consider maybe her bright, light qualities prevailed over her dark ones.  The way she is describes I feel like she has a certain aura. She is soft and calm and that’s the way he feels about her. Her physical descriptions support that she is not only soft and calm in nature but in her features. Overall the woman in the poem is important to the poet, which can be seen in the way he writes about her.

The overall tone of the poem is dreamy and mysterious. I wouldn’t say there are any major tone shifts in the poem, but I would say there are a lot of subtle tone shifts. In the line “Which waves in every raven tress,/ Or softly lightens o’er her face:” (9-10), the tone is dreamy in the first line, but in the second it switches to admiring, both of these tones are consistent throughout the poem. Although these tones are consistent other tones such as calm, awe-struck, and peaceful are used when describing the woman in the poem.

I feel that the emotions conveyed in these lines are the poet being in awe of the woman described and how he thinks she is very dreamy. Lord Byron (George Gordon) admires the woman in the poem, which is apparent in the emotions conveyed throughout. Most of all the emotions conveyed are ones that come from admiration towards the woman in the poem.