Because tourism is so fragmented and each sector has Innumerable job opportunities, it is virtually impossible to list and describe all the jobs available in these fields. However, we have tried to give a broad outline of the avenues available for a person leaking a career in tourism.


The airlines are a major travel industry employer, offering a host of jobs at many levels ranging from entry lever to op management.

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Bus Companies:

They require management personnel, ticket agents, sales and tour representatives, hostesses, information executives, personnel people and training employees.

Cruise Companies:

The cruise industry is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry today.

Job opportunities include those for sales representatives, market researchers and recreation directors. Because of its similarity with the lodging industries there are many similar jobs in both.


Passenger rail service hires service and sales representatives, reservation and station agents.

Rental Car Companies:

With increased air travel and the growth of fly/drive programmes, rental car companies are becoming an even more important segment in the travel and tourism industry. This sector employs reservation and sales agents and District and Regional managers.

Hotels, Motels and Resorts:

The range of jobs in hotels and motels is extremely large. To mention a few are, general manager, resident manager, management trainees, directors of various departments like sales, research, personnel, convention sales, etc., front office manager, housekeepers, lobby managers, etc. The American Hotel and Motel Association estimates that the lodging industry employs approximately 1.4 million people and creates 100,000 new jobs every year.

Travel Agencies:

They range from small to very large businesses.

In large offices, opportunities are more varied which include domestic and international travel and tours counselors, research directors, sales personnel, tour planners, tour guides, group coordinators, operations, administration and advertising specialists.

Tour Companies:

They offer employment opportunities in posts as tour manager or escort, tour coordinator, tour planner, publicist, group tour specialist, incentive tour coordinator, costing specialist, hotel coordinator, office supervisor, and other managerial positions.

Tourism Education:

As tourism continues to grow, the need for training and education also grows. Vocational schools have expanded their present programmes and there are job opportunities for administrators, teachers, professors, researchers, counselors and support staff.

Tourism Research:

Tourism research consists of the collection and analysis of data from both primary and secondary sources. The tourism researcher plans market studies, consumer surveys, and the implementation of research projects. Research jobs are available in tourism with airlines, cruise lines, management consulting firms, state tourist offices, etc.

Travel Journalism:

There are a number of opportunities available in travel writing as editors, staff writers, and free lance writers. Most travel firms have a need for public relations people who write and edit, disseminate information, develop communication vehicles, obtain publicity, arrange special events, do public speaking, plan public relations campaigns, etc. A travel photographer can find employment in either public relations or travel writing.

Recreation: Jobs in recreation include coaches for sports, drama and dance directors, etc. Many recreation workers teach handicrafts. Resorts, parks, and recreation departments often employ recreation directors who hire specialists to work with senior citizens or youth groups, to serve as camp counselors, or to teach such skills such as boating and sailing. Management, supervisory and administrative positions are also available.


Attraction such as amusement parks and theme parks are a major source of tourism employment.

Large organizations such as Disney World, Disneyland and Sea World provide job opportunities in various departments, from top management to maintenance jobs.

Tourist Offices and Information Centers:

Numerous jobs are available as director, deputy director, economic development specialist, public relations, and public information manager, media liaisoning, marketing coordinator, package tour co-coordinator and many more.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus:

As more and more cities enter the convention industry, employment opportunities in this segment grow. They require managers, assistant managers, directors, marketing and public relations staff and sales personnel, etc.

Meeting Planners:

A growing profession is meeting planning.

Many associations and corporations are hiring people whose job responsibilities are to arrange, plan and conduct meetings.

Other Opportunities:

Though we have tried to give a comprehensive list of career opportunities, there are many that do not fit in the general categories, such as club management, corporate travel departments, hotel representative companies, in-flight and trade magazines and trade and professional associations, to list a few. The information provided is an important starting point for you. However, it is up to you to explore further and gain additional information regarding prospects in this industry.