Gregor Johann Mendel was born in Heinzendorf, North of Moravia. His father Anton was a farmer who was crippled by a falling tree but forced to work because young Johann was sick  and  in bed.

Often, his father would say “He is a disappointment for me” referring to young Johann. It was hard for Johann to look at his father forcing his crippled body to work in the farm and yet he could not do anything to help him – but watch. Johann did not have a good relationship with his father Anton. The reason why Johann only spoke to his mother Rosine was because his mother was polite and sweet natured,  and  likewise to  his younger sister Theresia who had the  same temperament  as  his  mother.                     He  did  not  even  talk  to  his  older  sister  Veronika  who  was  very antagonistic towards him.

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At the age of eleven he was sent  away from his  family to  finish his elementary and high school education at Gymnasium in Troppau. His parents never sent him money  for  his  school  fees  because  they  saved  their  money  to  buy  the  land  from  their feudal lord. However, his younger sister provided him some finances for which he was greatly indebted for his entire life.

                          Gregor mendel graduated at the Gymnasium and moved on to the Philosophical Institute, a two-year  program  for  all  high  achieving  students  from  the  high  school  education  before  they could pursue to university. Without money life was even more difficult for Johann. He felt very cold and hungry at night, but he survived because of his sister Theresia’s support. Because he            was indebted to his sister Theresia he took responsibility of helping two of his nephews (sons of Theresia) on their education and who became physicians later .