This declaration proclaim right to life, liberty and security of all human being and make prohibition of slavery, of torture and cruel, inhuman treatment, right to fairtrial in both civil and criminal matter. It also recognizes the right to property, privacy, freedom of speech, expression, assembly, Movement. All the people have freedom of speech and expression as it provision declares “will of people shall be basis of authority of government and requires “periodic and general election” by universal suffrage. Article 21 of Declaration provides that “to take part in government of his country directly or indirectly through chosen representative.

” It also provides various rights like equal pay for equal work, right to social security, right to work, protection against unemployment and to just and favorable remuneration, ensuring for himself and his family for existence of human dignity and supplemented if necessary, by other means of social protection, right to standard of living and good health, well being of family and himself. Article 25 of the declaration provides that “education shall be free” at least in elementary and fundamental stage. It provides that education shall be directed to full development of human personality and to strengthening of respect for human right and fundamental freedom. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and the friendship among all nations, racial groups and shall further the activities of United Nations for maintenance of peace. Article 24 includes right to rest and leisure which includes reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay. Article 27 deals with cultural rights include “right to freely participate in cultural life of community, to enjoy art and to share in scientific advancement and its benefit.

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Article 30, government authority impose lawful restriction of exercise of certain rights.