According to one theory, word education has been derived from a Latin word Educate which implies to lead out and to bring forth. On the basis of the word from where word education is being derived, some experts define it as a means to lead out a human being and to bring forth or develop the abilities he possess. Whatever one man possess inside him, i.e., knowledge, power, ability, it is with the help of education that can be bring out or can be developed. According to another school of experts, the word education has been derived from a Latin word ‘Education’ which is formed of two distinct words, namely, ‘e’ and ‘duco’. In literal sense, word ‘e’ implies out of and word ‘duco’ implies to lead out.

When these two words combine with each other, the concept that emerges out is a process which helps in developing one’s inner abilities or which brings out the inner capabilities of a human being. According to T.P.

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Nunn, education helps in developing the individuality of a child with the help of which he can contribute human life in accordance with his utmost capabilities. On the basis of above discussion, it can be said that knowledge exists nowhere but in the interior of a human being and to draw that interior knowledge is the main objective or function of education. For drawing out the interior knowledge, it is very necessary to use some kind of method or means. It can be said that in order to draw out interior abilities or knowledge, one has to put something it. To get the output, one has to use input. For this reason, it is necessary to provide knowledge, experience and information to a human being and after this only we can get or draw out of him the best abilities in him.

There lie some inner capacities, which are there in a human being right from the birth. This capability is termed as the innate capacity to learn. This capacity can also be developed with the help of education. It can be said that education is such a process which result in a progressive and systematic development of man’s all inner abilities. Process of education is continuous in nature. In other words, it is a never ending process.

It can be viewed as a progress and development which cannot be stopped. Throughout the life, one can easily see the importance and place of education in the life. Generations get change, but value of education remains the same. Education provides one the ability to think creatively, it provide it reasoning power and analytical ability. These abilities help an individual to act and adapt oneself in changing society.

With the help of these abilities, one can very easily adapt oneself according to the social scenario. Education also brings a complete change or development in the personality of a man. Some experts have said that education is that process of living in which common reconstruction of experiences are included.

It leads to development of those qualities in an individual which will help him in controlling the environment. It can said that education leads a kind of change or modifies one in such a way that individual can adapt himself in the changed conditions.