I. Introduccion- The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the diferences and similarities of expresidents Richard M. Nixon andGerald R. Ford.1913 (July 14) Born In Omaha, Nebr.1935 Gradueted from the University of Michigan.1942-1946 Served in the U.S Navy during World War II.

1948 (Oct. 15) Married Elizabeth (Betty) Bloomer.1948 Elected to the first of 13 successive terms in the U.S.1965 Became House minority leader.1973 (Dec. 6) Became Vice – President of the United States1974(Aug.

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9) Succed to the presidency.1976 Lost presidential election to James E. Carter, Jr.

III. Important Dates in Nixon’s life1913 ( January 9) Born in Yorba Linda , Calif.Married Thelma Catharine (Pat) Ryan.Served in the U.

S. Navy durig World War II.Elected to the House of U.S.

House of Representatives. Elected Vice -President of the Unites Srtates.Defeated for Presidency by John K. Kennedy.Defeated for governor of California (Pat ) Brown.Elected President of the United States.IV.

Ford ‘s Career in Congress Ford gained reputation as a loyal Republican and hard worker during his early terms in Congress.V Nixon’s Careerin CongressNixon was given little chance of defeating Voorhis a democrat 9 veteran campaigner). At first , Voorhis ignored his relatively unkown opponent, but Nixon’s skills in debating helped him win the election.VI. Sumary Both president’s Nixon and Ford Served in the US Navy diring World War II this played a key factor in their lifes. Ford , was the only Vice -President of the United States to become President upon the resignation of a chief executive Riard M Nixon.

Nixon was the only President of the United States ever to resigned from office.Bibliography: