Flagstone is used for many different things such as ornamental decoration and paving walkways. Flagstone is a type of sandstone. It comes in random shapes or it is cut rectangular. Some of the colors that it comes in are beige, tan, yellow, and red.

Before the flagstone deteriorates or dulls it can be sealed with porous stone sealer, which can be ordered from Aldon Chemical. These seals can increase how long the sandstone lasts. These seals can create gloss, change the color tints, and help resist from the absorption of water into the flagstone which can harm it. To also increase the life span of flagstone a person could used grout or flagstone mortar between the pieces of flagstone for another type of seal. Flagstone or sandstone are siliciclastic sedimentary rocks that are mainly consisted of sand-size grains bonded together by chemical cement or compaction. The different types of flagstone are characterized by color, pattern or shape.

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Some kinds or flagstone include Tennessee sandstone, rainbow, cherry Log, dark orchard, and dove gray. If it is characterized as irregular than it comes in different shapes. If it is characterized as pattern then it comes in rectangular form. The texture of this flagstone depends on the size and sorting of the detrital grains, and the roundness of these particles.

This characteristic depends on how the sediment is dumped. Environments that could harm the hardness or the maturity of the flagstone are places with water such as a river flood plain or swamps. Mature flagstone are clay free and well sorted with a nearly uniform particle size. Super mature flagstone are those that are clay-free, well sorted with well-rounded or smooth sand particles. This type of stone is usually found in sand dunes where wind is able to smooth the sand particles.The prices of flagstone vary between the different types but not that much.

A person can by flagstone from a number of places and one major seller is Luck Stone.Flagstone comes in 3000-pound bundles and other large orders like we had in our garden, which is about sixty dollars from Luck Stone. Flagstone is commonly used in gardens, murals and other places like it everywhere. Flagstone can create beautiful sites with mortar, grout, or plants and flowers in between the different stones. Flagstone has other uses also such as building retainer walls or waterfalls.

Flagstone is shown though all these different source to be a resource that is valuable to our garden and building society.I have learned a great deal about flagstone and how it is used. Later in my lifetime I can build a garden or some sort of path using this knowledge of flagstone.

I think in building a garden a person becomes closer to god because a person is one with nature while working and carrying on the beauty of this Earth that God made. The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it. Genesis 2:15. In the beginning was a garden and he placed Adam in it to care for it and cultivate it so we have the same duty to glorify his name and make the earth in which he created a better and more beautiful place. A garden is also a sign of life because it shows creation and beauty in how a person can plant a seed and it will grow.

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