FIELDPLACEMENT REPORTProfileof company: – Husky Energy Inc.HuskyEnergy Inc. is one of the well-known integrated energy companies of Canada. Itwas founded in the United States, as the Husky Refining Company and headquarteredin Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

It has operations in Western and Atlantic Canada,the United States and Asia Pacific region, with Upstream and Downstreambusiness segments. Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing who managing Husky Energyand who owns a bulk share of almost 70% according to Bloomberg and FinancialPost data.HuskyEnergy ranks among Canada’s largest petroleum companies and is famous for itsheavy oil production and other operations including refineries and pipelines.Husky’sbusiness strategy is to focus on returns from investments in a deep portfolioof opportunities that can generate increased funds from operations and freecash flow. Husky Energy’s Inc. is strong internal growth prospects, including aworld class oil sands project and exploration successes.  It have experienced management team that hasconsistently delivered results.

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Husky Energy’s operations are categorized into two businesssegments: The Upstream segment focuses on oil and gas exploration andextraction. In addition to its existing producing assets and chances in HeavyOil and Western Canada, the company has identified three pillars for growth:the Asia Pacific Region, the Oil Sands and the Atlantic Region.Husky’s downstream operations are integrated with its thermalproduction, allowing for increased margin capture. Huskyhas 490 retail stations in Canada. The total number of employees associatedwith the company are more than 5500. The total revenue as per 2015 net ofroyalties was $22.4 billion.WorkResponsibilities Performed in my Training work: -The purpose of this project is to definethe information of training that I learnt in husky energy.

During my fieldplacement I got an opportunity to explore one of stations of Husky Energylocated at 2182 queen street east, Brampton, ON. I assisted the Manager MandeepKaur start from November 20, 2017 end to December 6, 2017 and learnt aboutmanaging operations of Gas Station which include the following duties:·       Managing store’s operations toensure high customer satisfactions for new and repeat customers.·       Scheduling of staffs on bi-weeklybasis and ensuring constant availability of adequate staffs during store’soperations.·       Taking care of various orders onweekly basis, based on sale of products in the previous weeks and demands ofthe customers to ensure availability of products throughout.

·       Taking care of the invoices ofvarious suppliers and entering the same in the back office systems.·       Updating of new products in thesystem.·       Entry of fuel delivery and paymentsreceipt in the system.·       Handling safe drops on a periodicbasis and depositing the same in bank. ·       Creating tickets regarding repairand maintenance issues.·       Ensuring hazard free environmentfor both the customers as well as employees in and around store’s premises.

·       Receive money from consumer, chargepurchases, debit cards and credit cards and provide receipts to customers.·       Manage order stock as well as billsand other products such as candies, chocolates. ·       Ensuring promotional displays andmaterials placed as per promotion period.·       Analyse trends to determineconsumer demand, potential sales volumes and effect of competitors operationson sales and suggest measures to management.

·       Develop and implement marketingstrategies.·       Plan budgets and authorizeexpenditures.·       Periodic review of employees andtheir performance to ensure effective and efficient customer service.·       Updating HSE on weekly and monthlybasis·        Resolving customer complaints.  Observationsfrom work: – Throughout the period of my placement Ilearnt about how to manage the entire store operations. Initially I observedthe trends of consumer demand and accordingly learnt the technique to plan theorders.

I observed that prices of gas and other products change day by day andsometimes it depend on customer requirements and some cases for competitionpurposes. While creating an order I practically observed the planning of budgetaccording to the need. The products high in demand was ordered enough to meetthe demand. I noticed that price of gas increase or decrease sometimesregularly or weekly because of main reasons such as customer needs.In addition, I also observed the inventorycontrol system in my training time actually, I implement all this during my work.I managed all stock as well as it was my responsibility to manage orders andcall for new products. I also updated the information of new as well asremaining goods in the computer for record purpose.

At present time, Iunderstand all these things how these are work in the system.Comparisonof Literature Work and Actual Work: -LiteratureReview: – Theconcept of supply chain management and inventory control are used by companiesto fulfil the needs of customers. Simply, Supply Chain Management (SCM) can bedefined as configure, coordination and improvement of well organised set ofactivities. The main motive of supply chain management is that to providemaximum services to customers with in minimum cost price. Today,there are more chances for coordinating activities across a supply-chain evenin such hard operations as oil and gas, because of improvement in informationsystems and communication technologies. The main problem facing the oil and gasindustry is not the availability of oil and gas resources, but putting thesereserves into production and delivering the final products to customers at thelowest price as possible. Thus, a solid supply-chain management program willenhance this goal.

  Sometimes companieslost sales because of lack of inventory, thus this research aims to buildinventory control system supplies the fuel on gas stations within time, so thatthe customer can be satisfied with service.  SUPPLY-CHAIN IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY ·       Thefirst step of supply chain is Exploration.·       Afterexploration, Production and Refining are the other phases.·       Marketing·       Consumeris the last level of supply chain in oil and gas industry. From theoretical part of studies, I justlearnt about supply chain management and inventory control system.

But Iunderstand these both terms exactly in time period of my training, because Iunderstand many things from these terms like time management, customerservices, dealing with customer’s problems and customer satisfaction.ActualWork in Training Time: -During my training time, I learnt timemanagement skill in which I knew about time importance for manage stock ofproducts to complete orders for customers as well as benefits for company.I handled number of work responsibilitiesduring my training time such as manage store operations, billing, entry of fueldelivery, scheduling of staff, updating products, manage order stock .I handled customer services and solvedconsumer’s problems, so it was helpful for me to enhance my communicationskills and boost up my confidence level.It was right platform for me to learnabout various conditions that how I satisfied my client with fruitful results.Actually, in simple words my training workis a key to open other job opportunities for me in future. Skills recommendedby employees for success in supply chain jobs are:·        Financial planning·        Forecasting·        Knowledge of international business practices·        Knowledge of rules and regulations·        Knowledge of logistics, supply chain management (SCM) and inventorycontrol and transportation·        Mechanical skills·        Workflow optimization·        General management and business·        Languages  Thesupply chain sector labour force by sub-functions are:·        Senior management·        Logistics information systems·        Warehouse·        Transportation·        Inventory/material Control·        Purchasing·        Marketing and Sale·        Customer Services The following list represents the list ofsome job titles that belong to the grouping: Supply Chain Managementand Inventory Control Analyst Consultant Customer Service Manager International Logistics Manager Inventory Control Manager Logistics Engineer Logistics Manager Logistics Services Salesperson Logistics Software Manager Materials Manager Production Manager Purchasing Manager Supply Chain Manager Systems Support Manager Transportation Manager Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator Warehouse Operations ManagerThebelow list represents the name of common job titles that belong to thegrouping: Purchasing and inventory control workersØ  equipment inventory clerksØ  food and beverage control clerks – inventoryØ  food controller – inventoryØ  inventory analystsØ  inventory clerksØ  inventory control clerksØ  inventory plannersØ  invoice and purchase order checkersØ  invoice control clerkØ  liquor controller – inventoryØ  permanent inventory clerkØ  printing plates order clerksØ  procurement clerkØ  purchase order clerkØ  purchasing clerkØ  purchasing clerk assistantØ  purchasing control clerkØ  ship supply clerksØ  supply clerksØ  supply clerks, ship These all above are supply chain management and inventory controlrelated jobs that are the best option for my career in upcoming time. Because Iexperienced several challenges in my training and nowadays, I have ability tosolve out these challenges.

The most challenging part of my placementwas to resolve customer complaints. Initially Husky Stations allow customers topump gas first and then pay, that gave trouble sometimes because some customersdid not pay after pump gas but on November 16, 2017 Husky Stations moved toprepay only. Fuel prepay in effect which means customer has to pay first andpump after. Husky brought this change for the safety reasons which I feelbeneficial for everyone. Most of the customers find it to inconvenient and hardto understand.In last, I want to say that practicalknowledge and theoretical work both have their own importance.

Actually I amvery thankful for my college administration how held these training partcompulsory in our studies for enhance our skills as well as open way for joboptions.