Fastin -XR is a product designed to achieve weight loss in the user when administered to over weight people.

Fastin-XR is manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a company that manufactures health and weight loss supplements and based in Norcross, Georgia, Atlanta . The CEO of this company is Jared Wheat.How did FASTIN-XR start?Fastin XR was designed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals to be a more powerful product than the original Fastin product.The added XR means Extended Release (XR) technology.Fastin-XR make use of its Thermo-Rx mixture which is made up of natural herbs and potent stimulants to help produce more energy, enhance mood and complete weight control. Fastin-XR ClaimsIt claims that it can help to boost of energy, and  at the same time keeping the mood of the user elevated and also less side effects compared to those known with other weight loss products . It boasts to be able to do this due to the inclusion of various stimulants as well as mood enhancers in this product.

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Also, there are claims on the bottles of this product that there is an extended release technology applied to each pill which can makes the user active and alert for a long time.Fastin XR Ingredients Fastin-RX diet pill has quite a number of ingredients. Like other fat-burnering supplements and weight-loss pills, Fatin-XR major ingredient is caffiene. Below are some of the ingredients in Fastin-XR:CaffeineCommonly found in coffee, tea and kola nuts, caffeine is an active ingredient that can help with fatigue, and there are also claims that it can help with weight loss also.Caffeine works as a stimulant, working on the central nervous system and helping with mental alertness.Sources: https://www.ncbi. Source: WebMDMethylsynephrine HCLIt is commonly extracted from the leaves of the bitter orange tree which is widely found in eastern parts of Africa and tropical parts of Asia. It is known to have been used for several years for treatment of various ailments which include heartburn, nausea and weight loss. Although there is little evidence that bitter orange has any effect on weight loss.

Sources: NIHPhenylethylamine HCLPhenyl ethyl amine HCL acts as a neurotransmitter. It is an organic compound with claims to have stimulant effect on its users. There are claims that it can increase the rate of weight loss by targeting the central nervous system, a reason why it is one of the renowned ingredients in dietary pills.There are also claims that phenylethylamine helps to increase mood levels, and this has been verified by scientific studies as it has been able to reduce depression as well as improve energy levels making it an effect weight loss aid.Sources: NCBIYohimbeYohimbine is a chemical substance which extracted from Yohimbe tree. It is a substance thought to help with weight loss. However, there are no conclusive evidences to prove that it is an effective substance in weight loss.

Sources: WebMD4. Theobromine AnhydrousLike some other ingredients of it’s type, It aids in mental health, basically neurological disorders. Also, it contains lesser concentrated amounts, and the dosage can be monitored more accurately and this makes it different from most forms of caffeine