5but had fallen apart by 1949 W. PattenTo find the cause of the USA- USSR mistrust, you must first look atthe beliefs and aims of the USSR and the USA. The USSR was a Communistcountry ruled by a dictator who cared very little about human rights. TheUSA was a capitalist democracy, which valued freedom. Stalin wantedreparations from Germany, and a buffer of friendly states.

Britain and theUSA wanted to help Germany recover, and to prevent large areas of Europefrom coming under Communist control. The USSR did not trust Britain andthe USA because they had tried to destroy the Russian Revolution in 1918,and Stalin thought that they had not helped the USSR enough in World WarTwo. Britain and the USA did not trust the USSR because Stalin had signedthe Nazi- Soviet Pact in 1939.After World War Two, in the period from 1945 – 1948, there was a listof nine events which caused the USSR- USA relations to deteriorate.Firstly, the Yalta Conference in February 1945.

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