Experiencing sleepless nights? If so, then you’ll understand that the morning after is unquestionably an unpleasant experience. Besides having little to no energy, you’re more likely to be irritable and moody.Nowadays, sleep deprivation or insomnia  has turned into a serious condition and it is very likely you may not even notice you’re experiencing it.If you’ve gotten used to wearing yourself out and hardly resting, then it’s probable that sleep deprivation is becoming normal for you. The same goes for those who work the graveyard shift, stay up much too late or eat an excessive amount of food near bedtime.Insomnia, however, feel normal since it can have dire consequences to your wellbeing.Lack of Sleep Could Make You WeepLost sleep is a debt you can’t repay since the hours of sleep you’ve lost are lost forever.

You can’t save sleep to use for later. Sure you’ll feel better when you get longer sleep after a restless night however the benefits are temporary.Ideally, adults need between 6 to 9 hours of sleep while adolescents and teens should reach at the very least 9 hours a night. If you scarcely get enough sleep, your sleep deficit will effect you over time, which can result in serious unwanted effects including:•    Insufficient focus and an impaired capability to think clearly the very next day•    Changes in brain activity similar to those experienced by those with psychiatric disorders•    Stress related disorders like constipation, depression and stomach ulcers•    Feeling more stressed by the same daily minor stressful events also experienced by those who sleep well•    Increasing the likelihood of weight gain and obesity•    Putting your body right into a pre-diabetic state, causing you to feel hungry whether or not you’ve already eaten•    Weakening your disease fighting capability•    Triggering memory loss•    Hastening premature aging and increasing the severe nature of age-related conditions such as for example type 2 diabetes Getting high quality sleep is crucial. Don’t underestimate its importance to your wellbeing, longevity and standard of living.

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