Everybody dreams to be a superhero. Itcan be a superhero from a movie or a comic character. Some people want to bethose who can fly and some who can read minds. However, the superhero I wantedto be was different. I wanted to be ‘The Fastest Man Alive’.To be the fastest man was the type ofsuperhero I wanted to be. Why? Because I wanted others to acknowledge me!Everybody I knew would tease me as I couldn’t run fast. They would call me lazyand mock me by different names.

It never felt good. I used to cry every time. Ialways wished to be fast, faster than everybody, so that I could also beacknowledged. I knew it was not possible, yet thinking that way made me feelbetter, motivated to be specific. But, the same story would repeat everybody.

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I would be teased at school by myclassmates, in my housing society by all the children who would come to play inthe garden and at home by my siblings. And I would cry every day. It became aroutine. I knew it was of no use to cry so I made myself strong and startedboycotting everybody until, I was bullied. I still never cried the rest of myschool life.

I grew up being teased. It was difficultbut I finally graduated and got myself busy in a job. I worked as a scientistin Central Labs.

It was the biggest and most famous science lab in California. Ihad to conduct different experiments and introduce new theories about differentelements and chemicals. But an event at the same lab changed my life! It was Friday night. A terrible stormraged in the city that night; the night everything changed. I was workingovernight. I couldn’t leave the lab because of the storm. So I decided tocomplete my experiment. I was about to complete the last step of my lastexperiment which was mixing two chemicals but the pH of the chemicals gotunbalanced and there was an explosion!I was lying there unconscious the wholenight.

The storm had cleared by the morning and I was found. I was taken to thehospital. My closest friend Alina was there with me in the hospital. Thedoctors said that an operation had to be done. After 5 hours of operation, thedoctors came out and said, “He is very lucky.

Nobody survives an explosioncaused by mixing Phthalates and Atrazine. However, he has to rest.”  Alina was relaxed after hearing this. Aftertwo days of  being kept in the hospital, Iwas finally dismissed.

I came back home. I was surprised when Imet my boss, Zeref Fernandez, one of the ‘Top Five’ billionaires in California.I came to meet me and allowed my sick leave for a month. Alina went back towork after putting I to sleep. I slept the whole night and woke up early in themorning. I felt different. I felt changes in myself.

When I saw myself in mymirror, I was shocked.I was taller and fitter than before.When I was opening my bedroom door, my hand was so strong that the handlebroke. When I tripped, I hit a table that had an expensive vase on it but Icaught it in mid-air. My reflexes got better. I knew I changed. I then went toget breakfast. As I was walking down the alley to go to the grocery, two threegoons were chasing me.

I got scared and I also started running. When I ran, Iran so fast that I escaped the goons in a fraction of seconds. I was surprised.I then ran back to my home.I called Alina and told her to come to myhouse and that it was urgent. When Alina came home, I told her everything.

Alina didn’t believe me, so I switched on the T.V. and started a news channel.The news channel showed the police chasing a thief in a car. I thought this wasmy chance to prove that I can run fast, so I too rushed to the scene.Alina witnessed everything on T.V. thathow a blur had stopped a car and placed the thief in the police car andescaped.

Alina was shocked. I came back home. I was happy that he finally hadthe powers I wanted as a kid, to be the fastest man alive. After a while, thenews channel showed a reporter saying that whoever was the person in that bluris a Superhero!After all these events, I protected thecity from the shadows like a superhero does.

I had a new identity. The fastestman alive was known by the city as Thunderbolt!