Even after Jordan Belfort went to prison years ago to this day he still leaves inspiration in many places. After writing an autobiography while he was in jail, it got turned into a major movie production. The movie was titled, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Wolf of Wall Street generated over $392 million worldwide.

It also included top of the line movie actors such as Leornardio Dicaprio playing Jordan Belfort, Jonah Hill playing “Donnie Azolff,” real life Danny Porush, Margot Robbie, Matthew Mcconaughey are also in the movie. After its release, it created an initial frenzy all over the world. While I believe that the movie showed so much great potential to show how great life can be the overall message was to show Jordan Belfort’s crazy life when he was making so much money but to also show all the bad things he had also done. Yet overall the main message that teenagers and college students were taking away from the movie were that they wanted to live like The Wolf of Wallstreet.

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I mean not to blame them or anything, the movie in a way envisioned how most teenage boys want to live their lives, wealthy and doing as they please without any consequences.  So much buzz had been generated after the movie was released there was even a song released titled, “Jordan Belfort.” Created by Wes Walkder and produced by Dylan Rhodes also known as Dyl.

The inspiration came after their freshman year in college, “During the winter break of their freshman year at college, former Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s story in “The Wolf of Wall Street” made huge waves in the cinematic world.  That’s when the pair decided to make a song about it. “I said, ‘This is one of the greatest movies I’ve seen.’ Said Rhodes” (Kykernal). The song itself reached over 17 million plays on spotify. With this much publicity it also helped in a way promote the movie.

The song gained so much popularity across college campuses and high schools. The song itself in a way summarizes Jordan Belfort’s life, but only the good aspects of it. Between the movie and the song many people have found inspiration in Belfort and his wild life back then. While many people are in a way outraged with this and believe Jordan is the same as he was back then and is still doing people wrong left and right, Belfort isn’t the same person as he was back then. He now is making a name of himself the right way.

While he still is a businessman he now does inspirational speeches around the world. While I do believe Jordan Belfort did many things wrong in his life he has really cleaned up his act and now is on the right track.