It is also true that loss of manpower due to internal brain drain as insufficient salary pack­age is a another reasons told by the respondents. That is further reinforced by the fact that 72 percent of respondents told the reason behind choosing this field as salary package / remuneration and few insists on future prospect and emotional attachment towards this field. Besides this, 82 percent of respondents are working for Indian pharmaceutical com­pany and rest for multinational company.

The reason emerged is that good work culture is maintained in Indian pharmaceutical companies voted by 60 percent of respondent against very attractive salary package and future prospect for multinational company. The follow­ing table further elaborates this, Priority Factors of Medical Representative before Joining any Company: Factors1Attractive package2Company banner3Growth opportunity4Home town5Product specialty rangeAfter thorough statistical analysis of above table, it has been concluded that attractive salary package is the prime motive behind joining any company.

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