Urbanization in Britain

Environmental Problems in Britain during the Victorian Era: Several factors in Great Britain during the Victorian age came together to form numerous problems.One problem among many was the issue of the environment.The new technology of the Industrial Revolution caused many problems for the Britainys environment. With the new gigantic machines at work in the city, […]


As United States was entering the new century (1900) there had been many changes to the States.The industrial expansion was bringing many immigrants to America.Many of these immigrants were moving to the new big cities to be with their own people, and to work at the factories. Among other changes America was becoming an urban […]

Urban Segregation

Since urbanization began in European cities, there has always been segregation, either by class, socio-economic status, political affiliation, etc.In modern American cities stratification is most heavily linked to class or race.There are many reasons that segregation in cities take place, and we will explore the more prevalent ideas of social stratification. When urban centers in […]

Urban Immigrants

As cities and their problems grew quickly, the political environment changed. People called political machines came into the picture. They did welcome the new immigrants to the country, but their kindness did not go un-rewarded. The only people, who benefited from the outcome of political machines, were those who held a higher social status. The […]

urban fashion

Fashion Trends Have Effected females' Self-esteem Fashion can be thought of as a type of art utilizing cultural materials to transform the appearance of the natural body. It communicates things like social status and sex as well as enhancing attractiveness. While it may have evolutionary links with the flamboyant displays of peacocks and other birds […]

Upton Sinclair

"My cause is the Cause of a man who has never yet been defeated, and whose whole being is one all devouring, God-given holy purpose", declared Upton Beall Sinclair. This man is not only an American novelist, essayist, journalist, but also deeply involved in politics. He has accomplished so many things throughout his life span, […]

Up From Slavery

Booker T. Washington, the author of Up From Slavery, is the subject ofhis novel as well. In Booker’s autobiography, he tells the story of what life was like growing up as a colored person after the revolution. Where most slavery novels tell stories of hardships faced while in bondage, Booker tells the story from a […]


Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut. Arnold received his schooling at Canterbury.While away at school, a few of Arnold's siblings passed away from Yellow Fever. Arnold was a troublesome kid that would try just about anything. As a 14-year-old boy, he ran away from home to fight in the French and Indian War. Later, […]


During the film'The Untouchables,' it is easy to see the violence of the gangs that were around in the time of Prohibition. The theme of gang violence is evident in the reading of'Prohibition: The Lie of the Land', but not so much in'Ardent Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.' Prohibition was put in to […]


Hello.My name is Emily Jackson.I am a 14 year old freshman at Louisville Male High School.I am interested in many sports including softball and basketball, but enough about me.I want to talk about you. Many people may ask why I admire a peer.Well, it's simple.In fact a ccertain song comes to mind when I think […]