It started to grow and grow and became a huge one. This was Vishnu Himself who came to help in establishing the world. He checked the water and then jumped into it — down to the very depth — where the earth was submerged.

The Varah lifted it on to his two tusks and rose to bring it to the surface. On the way he met the great ‘asur’ Hiranayksha — who had been one of the two gatekeepers of ‘Vaikunt Lok’, the residence of Lord Vishnu; their names had been Jaya and Vijaya. Once some rishis decided to meet the Lord and went to his abode — where they were not allowed to enter by Jaya and Vijaya blocking their way in their arrogance of being gatekeepers to the Lord Himself. This annoyed the rishis very much and they cursed the two to be born as asurs in ‘Mrityu Lok’. Lord Vishnu came out to see what the commotion was about and seeing the ‘rishis’ He welcomed them with due humility — due to the learned — and on being told about the conduct of Jaya and Vijaya, He profusely apologised for their conduct and asked the ‘rishis’ to forgive them. Since no curse can be lifted completely, they modified it to the two being Asurs only for three janams and would only be killed by Vishnu, so that they returned to heaven but they were to hate the Lord in all their three janams, so much so that they would only think of Him all the time in their great hatred.

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They, however, would be redeemed before the end of Dwapar. Hiranyakashipu was one of them and was killed by the Lord in form of a boar — in his first janam. (The Lord took the form of Narasingha to kill Hiranyakashipu the other gate keeper).

The earth that came out of the nether world was beautiful and lovely and all the devtas sang the praise of the ‘Almighty’ and Manu and Shatroopa were pleased to populate it. The Adi Varah then vanished from the sight.