Given all the contradictions, it is hardly surprising that ‘the democratic citizen is called upon to pursue “contradictory he must be active, yet passively involved.”

Secular Political Culture:

It means increasing political awareness of the people enabling them to have growing information about the political system and their role as a political actor.

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It implies bargaining and give and take interactions. It is a movement from diffuseness to differentiation.

Ideological Political Culture:

Here people are guided and controlled in favour of political orientations based on a particular ideology. Through controlled political socialization, propaganda and education system, the derived orientations are sought.

Homogeneous Political Culture:

Such a political culture exists where people have been living under a political system characterised up the same set of values, beliefs, orientations and attitudes toward political action. There are different political parties and groups, but the same long cherished values, ideas and ideologies.

Fragmented Political Culture:

It characterizes a system in which different people and their groups share different types of values or ideologies.

Political cultures and political structures are never stationary and the process of congruence versus incongruence operates over a period of time owing to rapid scientific and technological changes.