On the other hand, false objections often termed as ‘excuses’ are raised just to evade and avoid the purchase. Suspects or lookers usually raise excuses because they really do not intend to purchase. Such excuses are raised usually during the course of the sales talk. Excuses are raised to get rid of the salesman. Instead of telling it to the salesman, the suspects and lookers use sentences like, ‘I will look around first’, ‘I must discuss it with my friend / wife / husband / family members’, ‘I will buy it later’, and so on in order to avoid the sale anyhow. Most often, it is observed that genuine objections are raised frequently in order to know better about the sales proposition or remove doubts.

Besides, real and genuine objections are raised by the prospects since they really intend buying the product. Therefore, they raise objections to gather more information and knowledge for buying decisions. Whereas, ‘suspects’ or ‘lookers’ who have little intention to purchase, raise ‘excuses’ with the ultimate motive of avoiding the proposed sale.

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In case of prospects, the intentions regarding objections are clear and honest. But excuses are made only with a negative intention. More importantly, objections may have real solutions in the form of meeting the same by the salesman. Excuses, on the other hand, have no solution at all because they are negative ideas which have little chance for revival.