Essay Introduction: It is said that the civilization and culture of a country are judged by the status that it accords to its women. The Vedic literature says that gods send prosperity to the house where women are worshipped.

The essence of Indian culture lies in its respect to the mother, father and teacher. Mother‘s rank is regarded as the highest as she is the originator and sustainer of life. The society which allows freedom to its women and enables them to make a suitable contribution to it is an ideal society. It is worthy of being called civilized and cultured. Women possess rare fortitude: Women possess rate fortitude.

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They know how to face the reverses of love and fortune. They know how to die for love and duty. They survive the disaster which would break down many men. The energies let loose by the softer sex in the hour of misery add a sublimity to its character. Nothing can be more touching than the sight of a soft-hearted women, who suddenly develops her moral force and becomes the comforter of her dejected father or despairing husband. According to some scholars the word ‘ Women’ means one who relieves man of all his woes. History is full of the prominent part played by woman: History is full of the prominent part played by women in various aspects of human life.

Women have proved to be great patriots. Rani Durgavati, Chandbibi, the Rani of Jhansi, Jijabai and Razia Sultan have left behind immoral of their patriotic fervour. In the fight for India’s freedom, women worked shoulder-to-shoulder with men and made a remarkable contribution.

The role played by Sarojini Naidu, Mata Kasturba, Kamla Nehru and Vijay Lakshmi Pandit deserves to be written in words of gold. It is the contribution of such women which has made Indians grateful towards them. After the attainment of freedom, women participated in the grand work of making this great nation prosperous and happy.

Rajkumari Amrit Kanr acted as India’s Health Minister, Saroini Naidu and her daughter Padmaja Naidu worked as Governors of different Indian States though the> always regarded themselves as governesses. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit acted as India’s ambassador to Russia, Britain and U.S.A. She acted as the President of the U.N. General Assembly too.

Mrs Indira Gandhi worked as the Prime Minister of India for seventeen years and sacrificed her life for the unity of India. People said that Indira was India. The politicians of the world were amazed at the courage of the Indians in electing a young lady as their Prime Minister in times when she was faced with two powerful and malicious enemies on her northern borders. But she faced them boldly.

Just as the soil sacrifices itself for the development of the seed into a full fledged plant, women of this country have made great sacrifices so that their beloved country may find a suitable place in the community of nations. Gone are the days when men were the bread-winners and women were the home-makers. Now women have adopted the sublime role of being nation-builders. Men and women are becoming real partners in the business of life: Now-a-days men and women do not live in two water-tight compart­ments of bread-winning and home-keeping. Women also win bread and do many things besides. Men and women are becoming real partners in the business of life.

Women may have many careers, but their fulfillment lies in being mothers. Role of women in home-making and peace-making: The job of a woman today is to restore emotional security in this insecure world. She helps in keeping family, society and the life together.

She has developed the art of human relationships and has made a notable contribution in the development of human behavior. She must realize that she can and must save modern civilization from destruction. She must help in the development of new moral standards of the modern time. With the march of time, the role of wife and mother has become more exciting. She is no longer a mere housewife. She is an economist, nutrition expert, sociologist and educator.

Her greatest honor lies in just being a woman. Women may work at home or at a job, they must bear in mind that their merit lies in developing warm and charitable human relationships. India’s pressing need is women of caliber: Humility or ability to adjust oneself to one’s surroundings is the greatest virtue of a human being and more so, of a woman.

She accepted the triumphs of life without pride and its defeats without despair. She has the golden opportunity of easing world tension. Women represent triumph of life over death.

When the world is threatened by atomic wars, it is their noble duty to save it from total annihilation. It is good for women to devote themselves to mother­hood and home-making, but it is better if they devote their energies to peace­making. They should adjust their work in such a way that they may give their best to the home as-well-as the world at large. This will give them contact with the outside world and a zeal for life. New zeal and new endeavor must become visible in our women, if they have to play a noble role in the modern world.

Conclusion: India’s pressing need is women of caliber. They have not only to rock the cradle, but also to see that the infants nourished by them when grown up, do not participate in the tragic drama of the human annihilation. They must train the generation in the cradle with the noble ideals of unity, goodwill and self-help. In order to be of any help to their country they will have to combat false beliefs and superstitions and with energy and selfless service to adjust themselves to the requirements of the times. Love and service are the fundamental qualities of a women’s soul. If these are lifted from the family level and applied to the national and international levels, much good can result. It is possible for the poorest woman to make a happy home and to produce from it the noblest specimens of humanity.