A modern advertising agency offers specialised knowledge, skill and experience which are required to produce an effective advertising campaign. The agency consists of writers, artists, media experts, researchers, television producers, account executives, managers, etc. The agency, in short, consists of business people and people with imagination, artistic skills and creative ability.

Their services include preparing layouts for the advertisements, getting block models, placing the advertisement in suitable media, choosing the description of brands, designing the package, undertaking market surveys, and so on. In short, the role of an advertising agency is to plan, create, produce and place the advertisement in suitable media for its clients. An advertising agency is an independent business organisation providing valuable services to its clients in the form of creating advertisements which helps in selling products and services. Besides planning and executing advertisement campaigns for its clients, the advertising agency also performs several other services like preparation of sales promotion materials, providing expert consultancy to the marketing department and public relations department, preparing and distributing selling messages, etc.

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The advertising agency acts as an agent, consultant and advisor to the advertiser who may be a manufacturer or a dealer (either wholesaler or retailer). The advertising agency works according to the instructions of the advertiser. However, it is not the agent of the advertiser in strict legal sense.