Another element which complicated the situation was the Reagan presidency in the United States. The septuagenarian US President was not interested in detente; he had complicated the world situation by undoing the good work done by President Jimy Carter in the fields of human rights, rapprochement with the USSR and softer and more liberal policies vis-a-vis the developing countries. The United States invaded a very small state Grenada in Nov. 1983, and had also stepped up the US presence in Central America. Under the circumstances, the non-aligned countries had a significant role to play. The effort was to prevent the superpowers from waging their conflicts through proxy on other soils.

The decade of the 90s witnessed detente with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and collapse of communism. With President Bush in ascendancy and his obsession with WMD, the scars of cold war were likely to emerge. Under the circum­stances the NAM may have to play a pivotal role once again in the 21st century.

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