The importance which Plato attached to education in his ideal state is evident from the fact that he devoted a good portion of the second book of Republic to this topic.

Rousseau remarked that “Republic is hardly a political work at all, but is finest treatise an education that ever was written.” Commenting on the importance of Plato’s theory of Education, Sabine says, “So striking is the part played in Plato’s ideal state by education that some consider it to be the chief topic of Republic.”

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2. Link with Theory of Justice:

It is closely interlinked with his concept of justice, to him; there are two dimensions of education.

Individual and Social while on the one hand it helps individual realize “virtue is knowledge’ on the other hand it infused unity in society by enabling the individuals to perform the duties of their respective stations.

3. Method of Education Existing Systems:

Plato witnessed two systems of education operating in Sparta and Athens in the Athenian system of education; guardian parents were left entirely to give education to their children in the manner they liked. The females were not allowed to have the education which the males had.

The Spartan system was controlled by the state. The children were separated from their parents at the age of four and were placed under the care of perfects. The state provided them education in harmony with social conditions. Females were also given the same education.

Plato made an attempt to combine these two systems of education with some changes in higher education.