Technology today has invaded each and every sphere of our life and the people are affected both positively and negatively because of the major technological advancements. Children are more affected because childhood is the phase of life when an individual is influenced the most by technological advancements. It is impossible for a child or a teenager to imagine a life without cell phones or computers today. Less than two decades ago children and teenagers used to enjoy their lives without cell phones. But today children even carry cell phones to schools.

Not only does it affect their studies but the fact is that some students carry their expensive gadgets to school as a result of which the others who cannot afford those gadgets start feeling the need to possess these mechanical toys. A child cannot understand that not everyone can have the same expensive cell phones. In an age when children should be playing indoor and outdoor games, they are playing animated games on their cell phones, laptops and iPads. Their whole range of activities seems to have been summarized into these technological advancements.

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Even when elders are talking with the children their heads are tilted on their computer or mobile screens and they tend to pay least attention even if something important is being said to them. It is true that technological advancement has turned the world into a global village and kids today have more exposure to the happenings of the world than the kids of earlier decades, but children today do not see anything else that what technology shows them. They need to understand that a wider world exists outside their cell phones and internet.

Children are even becoming lazier day by day because of the reason that each and everything is available at their doorstep, ordering anything is just a button away. Technology and technological advancement obviously saves time but individuals are becoming more and more dependent on it with every passing day. Long hours in front of the computers and laptops weaken the body and hearing a lot of musing results in hearing impairment. If we compare this decade’s child with the child of the earlier decades, we will notice that children with visual and hearing impairment are far more today, than before.

There is a limit to everything. Similarly, there should be a limit to using computers and laptops, for the sake of the individuals themselves. Parents should also keep in mind that they should not flood their child’s wardrobe with technological toys only, there are innumerable other games available in the markets. Addiction to these technological gadgets are no less that addiction to drugs; it becomes nearly impossible to survive without a cell phone or iPad. Technological advancements have undoubtedly made life easy and will continue to do so but children and teens; as a matter of fact everyone should understand to use technology wisely without wasting their precious time. Radio is one of the most useful forms of media but today it is just considered as a source of entertainment by the children and the teenagers.

It provides 24 hour entertainment in the form of music and chat shows as a result of which kids waste their useful time. A little bit of entertainment is fine but anything in excess is dangerous. Hearing music at any time of the day for long can damage the ears thus causing hearing problems. Television as a technological advancement has revolutionised the world because people are now able to see images. News, fashion, movies, advertisements all affect the thinking and behaviour of the teens and the children. But we all fail to note one important thing, each and every fact whether it is based on a true event or a false one is presented in an exaggerated manner. If a well known personality dies, all the news channels continuously repeat the news over and over again as a result of which it seems like a far bigger events than they actually are. If a holiday destination is worth visiting, the advertisements are presented in such a manner as if you will feel that you have reached heaven as soon as you are there.

If you are smart enough, you understand the fact but in most of the cases all of us are trapped in the wonderful way a thing is presented. Now when you reach the destination it is amazing of course but you have by the time raised your expectations to such an extent that you do not find the place as amazing as it should have been. The same is the case with being fascinated with a product; you are so mesmerised with the advertisement that you end up buying the product whether it is of your use or not. Apart from this children and even adults waste plenty of their precious time with the idiot box. Their visual power suffers as a result and they also start living in a completely different world that is devoid of reality. Technology is a blessing, if wisely used or else it can also turn out to be a destructive element.