This committee came into existence in the year 1948. Various recommendations were provided by this committee to improve the condition or status of physical education in the country.

To advise the government in various issues relating to physical education, a board, named Central Advisory Board was being set up in the year 1950. To provide training to athletes in various games and sports, some special kinds of schemes were being introduced by government of India. The problem which was faced during this period was the lack of professional qualified physical educators.

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For this reason, it was not an easy task to encourage people or individuals to take part in the sport activities. In our country, it was realised by the government that people of our country did not lack in natural qualities, but they did not get proper opportunities to show their talents. To provide all the individuals equal opportunities to show their talents, Sports Talent Search Scholarship scheme was introduced by government of India in the year 1970-71.

National and state level scholarships were being provided to the participants of this scheme. To encourage women to participate in various sport activities, National Sports Championship for women was launched in the year 1975 by government of India. To encourage college students to participate in various sports events, University Grants Commission launched another scheme, the aim of which was to improve the standard of sports at university level. With all these efforts, people of India got attracted towards games and sports to such an extent that in the year 1982 Asian Games were being conducted in this country.

The organisation of such tournament in the country helped in improving the standard of games and sports in the country to a lot of extent. In 1984, Sports Authority of India came into existences and with SAI, Society for National Institutes of Physical Education and Sports got merged. This organisation has two wings, which perform two different kinds of functions. Central Government took a premium step in the year 1995 by giving the status of Deemed University to the Institute of Physical Education. Now this institute is known as Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education. The main function of this institution is to prepare or trained the coaches in such a way that they can provide proper training to the students of physical education at various levels. To do research on various aspects relating to the physical education, this institution has set up various research centres in various parts of the country.

Now, knowledge of physical education or participation in physical activities are not concerned important only for the school going students, but now it is recognized important for people of all ages and both the sex. Whatever the physical abilities of individuals, all the persons should participate in different kinds of physical activities. Today, programmes of physical education are prepared in such a way that needs and requirements of all the people get fulfilled. According to the age and requirements of people participating in the activities, one should prepare the programme carefully.

Various kinds of programmes can be prepared, some of which are Service Programme, Intramural and Extramural Programme and Fitness and Recreational Programme. The programme in which importance is provided to the instructional aspect is termed as service programme.