Bangladesh, however, is a country which in not too distant future may cease to exist. Rising waters as a sequel to global warming and melting of snows in the Himalayan glaciers will reduce availability of land in Bangladesh; Bangladesh illegal migrants may enter India and neighbouring countries. Sheikh Hasina Wajid captured power in late 2008 and the Awami League Govt, in Bangladesh augurs well for India. A number of disparate North-East militant groups operate from Bangladesh.

They are feted and abetted by elements in Bangladesh and Pakistan. North-East terrorist groups and their sizeable mushrooming in the region is a major worrying threat in managing insurgency in the North-East. A friendly regime in Bangladesh has caused nervousness amongst Indian insurgent groups and they might shift their infrastructure towards North-East area of Myanmar. Their nuisance value remains unmitigated. Bangladesh was hit by mutiny on February 25, ’09’, when thousands of gunshots and mortar fires rocked the Bangladesh Rifles headquarters in Dhaka. Angered and aggrieved Bangladesh Rifles soldiers launched a violent bloody army mutiny against their officers. At least 100 army officers, including high ranking as Maj.

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General, Col. Lt. Col and Majors were brutally killed and many were reported missing. Bangladesh mutineers included shipping tycoon Slaluddin Qadeer Chowdhary, an eminent shipping magnate and reportedly very close to Pakistan military – intelligence set-off and the opposition Bangladesh National Party.

It is reported that about one crore Taka had changed hands to help the mutiny. He had also been charged with the Chittagong arms area drop case of April, 2004, the arms apparently meant for ULFA. Bangladesh can export large quantities of natural gas to India of which it has huge deposits. However, there is considerable opposition to its trade with India, as natural gas can further resuscitate the Indian economy gas being the vital source of energy for fertilisers, power and other sectors. Bangladesh is not prepared to see India prosperous and would rather sell the gas, to a third country.