So many of his behaviors show impact of religion in this ever-changing era of human civilizations religion provides a firm basis due to which man is able to maintain his poise in face of adverse circumstances of life. When man is at the point of being broken down in the face of frustrations, mental tensions, and quarrels, religion removes fear and inspire him with a motivational force which helps him to behave in a socially acceptable manner. In the materialistic world of to-day religion alone provides man a clean path for proceeding towards safeguarding of human values.

That is why in each human culture, religion has been given an important place. Accordingly, an effort has always been made-in all countries to provide such an education which may keep alive the cultural ideals and human values. In our Indian democracy many religions are practiced by people and each one has its own cultural traditions and each is accorded full freedom to safeguard its particular faith. Any person in any part of the world tries to protect great human ideals and values through its own particular religion. Needless to emphasize that even today there is a great need of religion for man.

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The above discussion indicates that there is a close relationship between religion and human life and this relationship has been there since the very inception of human civilization. Religion has always inspired man to follow a right path. Man has always tried to mould his character according to religions ideals. So in many ways, religion has played the role of education. Thus the relationship between religion and educator has been quite old and traditional. Onwards we shall hint at how religion has contributed towards education of man since ancient times.