Radio is the oldest source of media that is available to us. It was invented by the Italian scientist Marconi. It worked successfully in sending messages to different places.

The radio works on two machines; the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter works at the radio stations and we receive voice at our end with the help of the receiver. Earlier the use of Radio was restricted to hearing news and sending messages but today with the introduction of F.M. channels, radio has become a significant source of entertainment for everyone. In metropolitan cities, radio is also used in order to give traffic information so that the people driving on the roads would be informed about the jams all over the city. Radio is one of the most useful forms of media but today it is just considered as a source of entertainment by children and teenagers.

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It provides 24 hour entertainment in the form of music and chat shows as a result of which kids waste their useful time. A little bit of entertainment is fine but anything in excess is dangerous. Hearing music at any time of the day is good, but hearing at higher sounds for long can damage the ears thus causing hearing problems.

2. Television:

The radio brought us sound but the television bought us moving pictures that were initially black and white and later in colour.

Television revolutionised the world because people were now able to see images, living beings move in front of them. News, fashion, movies, advertisements all affect the thinking and behaviour of the teens and the children. But we all fail to notice one important thing in this process. Each and every fact, whether it is based on a true event or a false one is presented in an exaggerated manner. If a well known personality dies, all the news channels continuously repeat the news over and over again as a result of which it seems like a far bigger event than it actually is. If a holiday destination is worth visiting, the advertisements are presented in such a manner as if you will feel that you have reached heaven as soon as you are there. If you are smart enough, you understand the fact but in most of the cases all of us are trapped in the wonderful way a subject is presented.

Now when you reach the destination it is amazing of course, but you have by the time raised your expectations to such an extent that you do not find the place as amazing as it should have been. The same is the case with being fascinated with a product; you are so mesmerised with the advertisement that you end up buying the product whether it is of your use or not. Apart from this children and even adults waste plenty of their precious time with the idiot box. Their visual power suffers as a result and they also start living in a completely different world that is devoid of reality.

3. Cinema:

Cinema has become one of the most popular sources of entertainment and enlightenment today; people often talk about film stars and their achievements. Cinema has a great educational value. Students get the knowledge of what goes around the world in the form of a story and entertainment is also added to the story.

But here also like television, all the things are shown in an exaggerated manner. The amount of action shown in an action movie cannot be implemented in real life. But kids and teenagers try to mimic the stars with failed attempts sometimes hurting themselves severely. Some kids and teenagers are so crazy about a particular genre of movies that they fail to understand the fact that some things are possible for the screens only and cannot happen in reality.



Newspaper is the first object that almost all individuals are addicted to every morning. A cup of milk or tea is generally accompanied by reading newspapers. Reading newspapers is a healthy habit and all the kids and teenagers should have it. But some newspapers publish negative news related to scandals and murders continuously as a result of which some people have a wrong impression of the world in front of them. They form an opinion thinking that the world is full of corruption and corrupted individuals while the fact is that the world is a beautiful place to live in.

5. Computers and Internet:

Internet as we all are aware has revolutionised the world to such an extent that all the kids and teenagers are glued to the computers most of the time. There are so many games that children prefer today. Computer games are preferred instead of any indoor or outdoor healthy games. Their physical activity has been reduced vehemently and sitting in front of the computer for long hours also damages their body especially their backbones and eyes.

The output of playing these games is zero and wastage of time and energy is immense. Yes it is true that if used for proper collection of information the internet is the most useful media tool. The kids and the teens just need to use it wisely.