This is done through agreements, compromises, and law-making by the government and judicial settlements. Unresolved conflict can lead to a social disorder, violence and even anarchy, chaos and civil war. As such Conflict-resolution is a social necessity and it is continuously practiced because some conflict is continuously present in society.

Social change takes place in this process. Conflict theory is quite impressive and influential. But it does not account for all forms of social change. It only gives us a means of analysing some of the most significant changes occurring in history of social functioning.

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It does not tell us much about the direction of social change. Thus, there have been present several theories of Social Change and each of it is advocated by several protagonists and criticized by several critics. Since Social change is a universal, complex and dynamic phenomenon in which several factors play a part, no single theory can really explain its nature and scope. We have to use several theories for studying all dimensions of Social Change.