Moon visitors will have an opportunity to view space manufacturing of many products made advantageously in zero gravity and will learn about scientific experiments taking place on the moon. During their visit to the moon, tourists will be provided space suits or walks on the surface, so that everyone can enjoy the exhilaration of low-gravity moon walking as well as the spectacular visits of moon mountains and craters and the eerie view of the earth in the sky. By operating these exotic and very expensive tours, NASA can recover some of the money spent on developing the space programmes. A tremendous demand for lunar tours has developed, although the tours would be high price, the prestige of being able to tell friends about a walk on the moon will be well worth the cost to the adventurous affluent. Trips to other planets will be the ultimate in travel the epitome of one’s lifetime of travel experiences. Mars will be the most popular destination.

As on trips to the moon, passengers will wear ordinary street clothes and will be accommodated in a passenger module, seating 40 to 50 people. The space vehicle’s first stop will be at a luxury space hotel orbiting the earth about 100 miles up. Here the passengers are refreshed and rested for a few days while receiving instructions and preparing for their 280- day flight to Mars. Passengers would be divided into two groups. Those of normal range of weight to height remain alert during the entire trip, and they would be required to participate in rigorous physical exercise each day to keep up their physical well-being. Those who are quite overweight will spend most of the trip in a comatose state, reached by being wrapped in a refrigerated blanket.

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This device slowly lowers body temperature to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, inducing hibernation until they reach the Red Planet. At an appropriate time prior to arrival, the refrigeration blankets would be removed by the flight crew and each passenger would gradually warm up to normal body temperature. A series of exceptionally nourishing meals is served prior to arrival to renew body strength and vigor. Upon arrival, passengers are transferred to a beautiful NASA hotel where complete recovery from the long trip is accomplished under the guidance of experienced space physicians. Donning streamlined space suits, the Mars visitors can explore the most interesting features of the Red planet by battery-operated automobiles and, if they desire ski cross-country on the north polar ice cap. After a two week visit, it would be time to prepare for the long homeward trip.

Again hearty meals would be served in the hotels to help to rebuild those needing fat reserves. When this would be accomplished, passengers embark for the trip back to the space orbiting hotel and then back to the starting point. Upon return to earth, they would be awestruck by the lush greenery and beautiful blue water of their earthly home, and they would be amazed by the changes that would have taken place since their departure into space.