Classless Society is a Utopia:

Social Stratification is unavoidable for human society.

It is a rational and highly justified phenomenon which characterizes every society. Several thinkers like Karl Marx, have tried to advocate the view that there can be complete equality in human society and it can be a classless society. Such a view cannot be really accepted. The fact that social stratification has been always present in human society is a definite evidence of the universality and usefulness of this feature of the human society. Social stratification has become even more important in the modern society. While the primitive society used to be a simple and homogenous and it could have lived without social stratification, the modern society, because of a complex system of division of labour and heterogeneity cannot escape social stratification. Social stratification is a functional necessity of modern industrial society. As such, it can be clearly stated that Social stratification is a necessary element of each society.

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Sorokin has rightly said, we cannot even imagine a society without social stratification and therefore a casteless society is either a myth or a dream”. There can never be a society without any distinction of ranks and in which all individuals would be placed on equal footings. Equality in its literal and absolute sense can never be there in human society. Equality does not mean that all the members in a society should be given equal statuses. Stratification of society in various classes or ranks has been and bound to remain an accepted and natural social feature or condition of each human society.

Social stratification is as old as human society and the society is destined to live and develop along with a system of institutionalized inequality. Each society is destined to live as a stratified society.