Minorities children should also enjoyed equal right to their own culture and there should be no distinction whether it belong to ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities. The children belonging to any minority class shall enjoy the right to use their languages, to process their own religion and it practices. This help in creating the spirit of secularism. Refugees Children should receive humanitarian assistance and they were entitled to freely enjoy all the fundamental rights and freedom and there should be protection of international instrument relating to refugees under UN High Commission for Refugees. Disabled children also need special protection for making them independent and make active participation in the community state must provide special care for this disabled child to enjoy a full and decent life and this helped in giving equal opportunity of development of disabled child. Children separated from their parents need special protection for their development.

Parents guidance and care is vital important for the child. Without the guidance and care of parents, children indulge in bad practices like drugs addiction, theft and other illegal works. So, guidance and care should provide to child. Under this, state plays an important role by protecting such children who’s separate from their parents. Article 38 deal with issues of children in armed conflicts. In today world, there was great danger from military conflicts.

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So in such situation, children should protect and they should be no danger to rights of children. The convention provides various effective measures to ensure that person who has not attained age of 18 should no recruiting in armed forces and there are additional protocols to convention under consideration. No children should not deprive of their liberties as given in Article 37. All the children have full right to protect their interest and there is need to combat crime committed by children. No, child is deprived from their rights. The arrest of child should be for the short period of time.

The children have full freedom to prompt access to legal assistance and should protect their own dignity and promotion of child’s interest and to make them reintegration into society. State parties have taken various effective measures for their betterment and to combat illicit transfer and non-return of children to other countries. All the articles of convention, care, guidance, supervision, counseling, education and training helped in promotion and protection of child interest.