As far as gender discrimination is concerned, women were forced for having large families or for sons. Such attitude caused reproductive behavior. There is also very low participation of girls in primary education is a consequence of discriminatory heritage. As they believe that women were meant for only household activities.

Freedom of religion is often counterpoised to access to family planning. Family planning is one of the important issue concerning women. UN has made international policies which originate from women in development departments. In 1990 SI DA guidelines for activities within the area of population include the pledge to insure that “increased number of women participation in primary education” and made equalizing educational participation for girls, should aims for yardstick against which progress is measured. Education is considered as one of the important means of empowering women with knowledge, skills and self-confidence to participate fully in development process. The social and Earth summit strengthen the legal activity of women through constitutional, legal procedure to enable women to enforce their equal rights. It takes effective measures like enactment and enforcement of law eliminate all type of discrimination, exploitation, violence and abuses against women and girl children and equal rights of work and opportunity.

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In Sep. 1994 at Cairo, International Conference on Population and development to uphold the human rights law. In 1993, Women conference at Vienna held for eradication of many conflicts which arises between the rights of women and harmful effect of customary law, religious extremism. In 1994, International year of family proclaimed by UN gave emphasis to family in human rights, development and in other population policies. The right of social security and to minimum livelihood for everyone is one the important right and old age pension securities help in providing social security in their old age and they were not rely on their children for fulfilling their needs.

Thus, we can say women have faced various gender discrimination and other problem. But UN has made various department, social schemes, and education schemes for upliftment of women.