In the process of speaking and breathing some microscopic germs naturally happen to enter the body through the mouth and nostrils. They die in the process of going into the body. According to Jainism dying of germs in this process is a kind of violence on the part of the person concerned. Jainism believes that practicing of non-violence will protect all animate beings.

Educational implications of non-violence:

Today the entire world is besieged with various types of violence. One country wants to establish its supremacy over another through hurting its feelings. In some part of the world some battle is being fought between two countries. Extremists and terrorists are having their sway all over the world. Various competitions are seen in people without paying any regard to the feelings of another. One wants to go ahead over another even when his claim is not justifiable.

Ladies fear in going on streets after the sunset because of social miscreants. In educational centers of all types we find lack of respectful behavior towards others. Many students do not hesitate in indulging in violence on flimsy grounds. Even some families are disturbed due to diplomacy amongst various members.

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Evidently, we have drifted away from the principle of non-violence. Jainism teaches us not to hurt anyone’s feelings by speech or deed. If teachers and students practice non­violence according to Jainism many of the ills that are ailing our educational system will be eradicated and objectives of education will be realized in the real sense.

Then the entire shape of our society will be overhauled and everyone will be happy.