In contemporary times, all articles written on Sustainable Development place emphasis upon its all dimensions, particularly its economic, social and environmental dimensions. Economic growth must lead to social growth and it should not lead to environmental degradation and pollution. Social growth and development cannot be possible without economic growth and environmental protection. For economic growth and social development use of natural resources is essential. However, such a use has to be based on safe and environmentally healthy and sustainable development. Development must meet the needs and demands of the present generation but without in any way limiting the needs and abilities of future generations.

It has to avoid over- exploitation, wastages and environmental pollution. Social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability are three inter-linked interdependent essential dimensions of sustainable development. To sum up, we can say that the key dimensions and aspects of Sustainable Development are: 1. Economic Sustainability. 2.

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Socio-political Sustainability. 3. Environmental Sustainability. 4. Poverty Alleviation. 5.

Securing of Justice. 6. Full recognition and acceptance of interdependence of all dimensions of development. 7. Positive use and conservation of natural resources both for the present as well as future generations. Balancing the claims of present generation with claims of future generations. 8. Inter-generational equity.

9. Intra-generational equity. 10. Sustained, integrated and coordinated efforts for the protection of all aspects of Environment (Natural as well as Human). 11. Urgent and immediate measures for the prevention, control and abatement of environmental pollution.

12. Respect for Right to Development of all the people.