A person with any skills, capabilities or intelligence can not accomplish the set goals if he/she lacks Faith. Faith is the foundation of any mission that a person undertakes and has a will to complete. A struggle becomes easier and the hurdles will fail to drag you down, if the faith to fight against all odds is firm. Faith helps a person focus on the destination or the ultimate aim than be deterred by hardships that come on the way. A person feels enlightened and never loses his heart in hopelessness if he has Faith.

It is faith that gives him the strength to fight against all odds. Great men and saints lived their lives challenging the mainstream and living differently. They accomplished tasks and missions that ordinary men could not do. It was their faith that helped them achieve all this. Freedom fighters had faith in their country and themselves and won great battles and never felt disheartened in case of failures. They struggled till their last breath and won the country its independence because their Faith in the outcome of their heroic actions was firm.

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Faith gave Alexander strength to march carrying his troops forward and conquer the whole world. Even our epics give examples of great characters like Lord Krishna who won the battle over evil forces through his faith in goodness and fairness. Swami Vivekananda is another example of a great man who practiced the power of faith and preached it to people to get rid of the most miseries faced by people. History and our own experiences have innumerable examples to make us believe that faith is the mother of success and the force of life. Louis Braille who was himself blind since a young age invented the Braille script to benefit the handicapped people who have lived after him. He was successful in his endeavors because of his faith and will power. A doctor has faith in his ability to cure the patient’s illness and the patient’s in turn have faith on the doctor to cure them to wellness and good health.

Soldiers and army men fighting at the borders have the faith to win and are able to defend our nation from the attacks of the enemy. Faith knows no boundaries and people who keep it can achieve the biggest things and do the seemingly impossible tasks. Many people with handicaps or physical disabilities are able to accomplish tasks and win over their disabilities by the power of faith. Mother Teresa had faith in brotherhood and humanity and served the poor, sick and destitute selflessly. People still remember and respect her for her divine deeds. Faith is the distant light that keeps us moving even when the surroundings seem dark and dull. All you need is determination, hard work and courage to win with your faith. You can turn impossible into possible and achieve great heights in life by keeping your faith intact.

All trials of life will seem conquerable if a person doesn’t lose hope and fights all struggles with faith in the achievement of victory.