The United Nation secures authoritative determination of permissibility of reservation which undermines the commitment to care of human rights obligation toward women.

Obligation of government for human rights:

The multitude of human rights has made standard setting efforts which have led to realization of human rights relating to women. The fundamental freedom without any discrimination based on sex applies to women as they do to a man. It makes elimination of obstacles to equal exercise of human rights and safeguards the equal treatment and equal opportunity for women.

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Human rights entail two types-to prevent abuses of power and to create condition for realization of human rights. They make formal recognition of equal rights to identification of problems which women faced in global policies. Many of rural women who are uneducated and their family and household responsibilities prevent them even knowing about their rights and they were denied of rights because they are female. In many geographical regions, many women were denied of their rights because of lack of information. But still committee of women and CEDAW aimed for eradicating gender discrimination and concerning the exercise of their rights to own property. It postulate equality for women in development moved to formal recognition of equal rights and eliminating all direct, indirect, public, private, visible, invisible gender discrimination.

The General assembly adopted in December, 1993 resolution on violence against women.