Cigarette which is mostly called an E-cig, is an electronic device which
produces vapours, this device is sometimes used instead of smoking tobacco.
This devices contains batteries which is a lithium battery and also can be
rechargeable, atomizer which emits the vapour that is inhaled, this is mostly
design as a glass tank which holds the liquid in the E-cig.

liquid in this device are also used in the making of different product
including toothpaste, drinks, colouring of food and many more.  These liquids are called propylene glycol
(propane-1, 2-diol) and vegetable glycerine (propane -1, 2, 3- triol).

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very little amount of this chemical is added to give sweet taste. Some
reasonable amount of nicotine is added in some of the devices if wanted by the

says that the electronic Cigarette are about 95%less harmful than the tobacco
cigarette because there is no burning involved in this process, when tobacco is
burned people inhales about 7,000 different kinds of chemicals into their body
while on the other hand e-cig only has 4 components or more. (McNeill et al

Nicotine which is sometimes present in the e-cig can raise the heart rate and
blood pressure of humans mainly because it acts as a simulator and adrenaline
which is present in the body is rushed out. Some researchers have also proven
that the flavours that are added to the cigarette to give it tastes, has about
300 different e-liquid involved with about 7,500 flavours. Nicotine which is
found to be the most addictive sustain that is present in tobacco is a poison
which acts on the nervous system is meant to be an insecticides that protects
pets from the tobacco plant, about 40-50g of nicotine could eventually kill a


shown in the FIGURE 3F
the benefits of electronic cigarette which is better than the tobacco cigarette.

often ask if smoking e-cig better than tobacco? The answer is yes, in fact it
is 300 times better because it contains so many chemicals that causes cancer
like lungs, throat, liver, kidney and many more, these chemicals which includes
carbon monoxide which is the fume that comes out anytime you burn fuel from
cars. A smoker who consumes 20 single cigarette a day estimably consume a pint
of tar per year.