So he has recommended a middle course which is Ashtangika Marg, i.e., eight-fold course of action. We mention below this eight-fold course:

(1) Samyak Drishti the Right Insight:

To remember the four Arya Satya the four great truths is very necessary for Nirvan salvation.

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(2) Samyak Samkalpa the Right Will Power:

To have the right will power for following the four Arya Satya.

(3) Samyak Vak the Right Speech (Vacha):

Right speech has a special place in obtaining self-control.; one should strive for maintaining his true statement (Satya Vachan).

(4) Samyak Karmant:

This implies shunning violence, not scaling of another’s property (Asteya), observance of continence and hatred for worldly pleasures.

(5) Samyak Aajiva:

This means earning a living through righteous conduct.

(6) Samyak Vyayam:

To entertain good thoughts and to eliminate bad thoughts.

(7) Samyak Smriti:

This means to remember the known things properly. If one fails in this he will again get involved in useless worldly affairs.

(8) Samyak Samadhi:

The one who follows the above mentioned rules becomes purified automatically and he will be able to concentrate his attention. Concentration of afternoon is necessary for salvation (Moksha). By following the above eight rules Lord Buddha himself had attained salvadon.

It is not irrelevant to state here that the Brahmanism (Brahman religion), too, has accepted the above eight rules for attaining salvation.