EDUCATIONAND LEARNING SYSTEM CHANGESEducation is a very important aspect of all  people’s lives around the world . What welearn, not only in the classroom, shapes who we are. We have our educationeverywhere we are. We use it on a conversation with our friends about culture,music or sport, we use it while solving a problem in math or physics, we useour education while discussing with our family or for many other things. Oureducation is the foundation of who we are, since every decision we make andevery thought we think is dependent on what we know. Learning is not just amandatory process, but also an chance to go beyond and open the gateway to abetter understanding of the world around us.

There was a time when a notebook and a pencil weresufficient tools for study in a classroom. In today’s world, students need muchmore to prepare themselves for the job market. The thing that has not changedis the impact a teacher can have on the life and learning of a student.Present education system is mainly based on thetheoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge. It is predominantlyacademic and theoretical. The students play no active role in the attainment ofknowledge. Things are loaded on his mind and he is taught lessons by books, butnot lessons from life. In other words, he is provided with knowledge, but notwith wisdom.

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This is the reason why a student who achieves high scores in hisschool examination fails miserably in the examination of life. Our classroomslook like a cinema hall; well furnished with chairs and desks and a blackboardin front of which the teacher stands more or less like an actor trying toplease his audience by his remarks, pleasant stories etc. He is on the stageand has to play his part.

We need to make students more excited and motivatedduring the process of learning. Nowadays, traditional teaching methods are notenough to teach efficiently. The continuous inventions and evolutions in allinformation technology fields open new channels and opportunities to enhanceteaching and educational methods. The introduction of multimedia in our schoolswould mean the use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation,and sound in an intensive way. With multimedia, we can present the same pieceof information in a variety of configurations.

Another benefit includes theability to better explain concepts and support the learning experience with theuse of senses other than just sight. Learners can get a quicker understandingof information. Hence, teachers should fully utilize the modern educationtechnology, so that the student can acquire effectively, since it cultivatesstudents’ interest in study, promotes students’ communication capacity, widensstudents’ knowledge of a western culture, and improves the teaching effect andthe interaction between teacher and student.

In spite of advantages of the application ofmultimedia technology in teaching, there are many problems existing inpractical teaching. The prerequisites for using multimedia include access tocomputers with related software. The user must possess a minimum level ofcomputer literacy in order to exploit the capabilities of this medium forlearning. The schools must equip with computer facilities to make sure thatevery teacher and student has the opportunity to have technological-basedteaching and learning environment, which can be quite expensive for them toafford.In conclusion, a broad-based application of varioustypes of technology is likely to be positively received as a useful learningresource by students as it provides all kinds of information and createsabundant learning scenario. Multimedia will be widely used in educationaltechnologies.

In future, we will see more of the utilization of such tools ineducation. However, multimedia is not the substitute for teachers.