Do you know how many immigrants are allowed into Canada every year? Around 250,000 to 300,00 people were granted permanent residency in 2017. That number is increasing each year. Canada is a country which has much to offer to its people.

Because of this, many immigrants are coming to Canada. The main three factors are, economic opportunities, free education, and rights and freedoms. Immigrants are attracted to Canada because its economy is strong and growing, its education system is publicly funded, and it has human right laws such as Canadian Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.        To begin with, over the years, Canada’s economic opportunities have encouraged immigration by a decent amount.

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For example, before the Chinese took over Hong Kong, many immigrants from Hong Kong came to Canada between 1981 to 1983 to seek economic opportunities. ” The Chinese immigrants invested $1.1 billion in the Canadian economy. Canada’s wealth has been very strong recently. Currently, we are leading the G7 in economic growth. G7 countries include Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan.”  Canada has been successful in material terms too.

We have many good job opportunities with high paying jobs where people can move up in companies. Canada’s economy has continued to bring in many more openings for people to try new things. Newcomers to Canada see that Canada’s economy is strong and that it can provide them with opportunities that they may not have in their own countries.  They come to Canada to seek these economic opportunities.        The next factor for why people migrate to Canada is because of its publicly funded education. Public school systems were created in the 19th century. Free education starts in kindergarten and continues through grades one to twelve.

              ” Education is the most important thing for most of these            parents, this is why they come here.”, said Sharaline Joseph a   settlement worker from Peel District School Board who deals with new immigrants.Since education is publicly funded, children of immigrants are guaranteed opportunities to get a better education than their parents had. In a lot of cases, they do obtain higher levels of education.

  By the age of 21, 86 percent of first-generation children of immigrants (that is, those who themselves immigrated to Canada along with their parents) obtained postsecondary education.  Free education for themselves  or their kids is a factor that influences newcomers to choose Canada as a new home.        Last but not least, there is one very important reason why immigrants come to Canada. This reason is because of the freedom and rights we have. Our freedom and rights are protected by two very important laws, The Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) and the The Canadian Charter Rights and Freedom.  The Charter protects Canadians against the state. The Charter applies to anyone in Canada, whether they are a citizen or newcomer. Here are some examples of what the Charter protects:Freedom of expressionRight to a democratic government Right to equality ( gender equality )The  CHRA is another powerful reason why settlers come to Canada.

 The CHRA was created in 1977 to promote equal opportunity, to give people in Canada a way to challenge discrimination when based on any of the eleven grounds such as: RaceSexReligionEthnic originAge      “The main thing in Canada is the freedom”, she remarked. “There is no difference between men and women.” Deepa Varghese, a newcomer to Canada, stated in an interview with the Ottawa Citizen.

Refugees made up 20% of all newcomers coming to Canada in 2016. Many were coming to flee civil war and persecution. When people immigrate to our country, the most important reason why they choose Canada is to live in a country where they don’t live in fear.  We have laws which protect their freedoms.

       In conclusion, immigrants are drawn to Canada for many reasons.  The main reasons are because of our economic opportunities, public school system, and protection of rights and freedom. The most compelling reason for immigrants coming here is that their rights and freedoms are protected so that they can make a good life here in Canada for themselves and their families. People can express themselves as they want to.