Digitalimage processing MCQ’s1) Sobel edge operator is better than prewitt edge operator inimage forA. blurringB. contrastC. sharpeningD. smoothingSolution: DAs, It operates after eliminating spurious edges((i.e.

) edges will not be connected after applying this filter) due to noiseand hence gives a clear and thick boundary. 2) Forfinding lines at angle 45 we use mask of values A. -1 -1 -1; 2 2 2; -1 -1 -1B. 2 -1 -1; -1 2 -1; -1 -1 2C. -1 2 -1; -1 2 -1; -1 2 -1D.

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 -1 -1 2; -1 2 -1;2 -1 -1Solution:BAs,it has to find lines at angle 45 the weight of pixels in filter matrix alonganti-diagonal should be high when compared with forward diagonal.3)  Bit plane slicing is used inA. aortic angiogramB.

 radarC. contrast stretchingD. MRISolution:AAorticangiography, or an angiogram, is a procedure to test for defects andfunctional problems in your aorta, your largest artery. As it deals withlargest artery informations about smaller arteries don’t matter.

Thus lowerplanes can be eliminated which could help in image storage and transfer aslesser bites would be required to store these images. 4) In contraststretching of image if slope is less than 1 resulting image is A. relatively darkB. relatively lightC. fully darkD. fully lightSolution:AAs slope is less than 1, dynamic range reduces hence imageproduces a relatively dark image.

5) Fast fourier transformation has low frequency regions atA. top left and rightcornerB. bottom left and rightcornerC.

 both a and bD. none Solution: CIn fast fourier transform lower frequencyregions are present at top left and right corner, bottom left and right cornerand higher frequency region at the centre or transformed image.  6) The haar, walsh and hadamard transforms are___________in nature. A.

   sinusoidalB.   cosineC.   non-sinusoidalD.   cosine and sine Solution: CAs, these transforms don’t operate on sinusoidalwaves. Non-sinusoidal waveforms arewaveforms that are not pure sin waves. 7) Dark characteristicsin an image are better solved using A.

  Laplacian TransformB.  Gaussian TransformC.  Power-lawTransformationD.

  Histogram SpecificationSolution:CEnhancingan image provides better contrast and a more detailed image as compare to nonenhanced image.Thesetransformations can be given by the expression:s=Cr^?where,C constant C>1r intensity of pixel? is called gamma, dueto which this transformation is also known as gamma transformation.Variation in the valueof ? varies the enhancement of the images.8) Number of huffman codes available for coding3 symbols.  A.

 1B. 2C. 3D. 4Solution:BCodescould be 0,10,11 or 1,00,01.

depending on whether the subtree is placed on leftor right of the main tree.  9) Canny edge detection algorithm is based onA. ideal modelB. step edgeC. real modelD. smoothing modelSolution: BThe Canny edge detector isan edge detection operator that uses a multi-stage algorithm todetect a wide range of edges in images.

It is atechnique to extract useful structural information from different visionobjects and dramatically reduce the amount of data to be processed.10)At second pass of histogram equalization will it differ from first passA. noB. yesC.

 may beD. noneSolution:AHistogramwill already be stretched in first pass of histogram equalization thus itdoesn’t vary after second pass.